Donald Trump Happen Authoritarianism

The End of Trump

The law is reasonably clear. If Trump removed Comey to avoid being investigated, that’s an impeachable offense. The question is no longer whether there are grounds to impeach Donald Trump. It is when enough Republicans…

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Donald Trump

Trump’s America Unfit to Live In

The myth of an anti-establishment candidate vanished straightaway in office. He’s a dirty politician like most others in Washington – saying one thing, doing another, causing enormous harm to millions at home and abroad. Demagoguery,…

Jason Chaffetz

Jason Chaffetz Won’t Run For Re-Election

The announcement sets up a gavel fight for the chairmanship of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. by Paige Lavender, Matt Fuller (HuffPo) – Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah), the controversial chairman of the House Oversight…

Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly Officially Out at Fox News

In a stunning fall from the heights of the cable kingdom, Bill O’Reilly is gone from Fox News. by Ben Popken (NBC News) – 21st Century Fox, parent company of Fox News, released a statement…

Steve Stephens Facebook Shooter

Cleveland Facebook Murder Suspect Commits Suicide

Steve Stephens, the suspect in the Cleveland, Ohio, Facebook killing, shot and killed himself after a brief pursuit in Erie County, Pennsylvania, this morning, the Pennsylvania State Police said. by Emily Shapiro (ABC News) –…

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