Children seeking their own path. Photo - Muhammed Muheisen

Seeking the True Path

One of the more subtle manifestations of the intimate link between (unconscious) human emotions and behaviour is illustrated by the simple concept of choice and how this is so often reduced to a dichotomy between…

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Syrian nonviolent activists protest Syria's dictator Bashar al-Assad

A Nonviolent Strategy to Liberate Syria

In early 2011, as the Arab Spring was moving across North Africa and the Middle East, small groups of nonviolent activists in Syria, which has been under martial law since 1963, started protesting against the…

Punishment as violence: Was this your experience too?

Punishment is Violent and Counterproductive

Punishment is a popular pastime for humans. Parents punish children. Teachers punish students. Employers punish workers. Courts punish lawbreakers. People punish each other. Governments punish ‘enemies’. And, according to some, God punishes evildoers. What is…

EU Sinking Ship economy

The Demise of the EU

Most people behave like sheep in most situations. That’s a basic trait of mankind, in any culture, in any age. However, sudden change (in either events or public opinion) often sparks revolt. Certainly King George…

Biowarfare Experiments on Americans

Biowarfare Experiments on Americans

Essentially secrecy protects these actions that could never be launched by civilian scientists and yes such actions are continuing unto this day. The argument is that they simply need to know. They are limited to…

Gary Johnson

Ron Paul Won’t Vote For Gary Johnson

Although a Libertarian himself, Paul would not endorse Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and seems unimpressed by the former New Mexico governor’s candidacy. by Scott Mason (WJ) – Former Republican and Libertarian Party presidential candidate Ron…

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