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Disabled Vet Sets Anti-Refugee Side Straight

by Tom Cahill

“Don’t use me as your fucking excuse when a week ago you were happily voting away my benefits and healthcare.”

As Congress prepares to vote on a bill that would make it harder for Syrian refugees to enter the country, a disabled veteran’s social media post destroying conservative arguments for not accepting refugees is going viral.

In a post last night on the image sharing site Imgur, user HappyJones posted a quote from Amanda “Shinga” Bussell — a disabled veteran on the edge of homelessness — who was only able to have shelter due to existing federal programs that helped cover her housing costs. Bussell also pointed out that conservatives against taking in refugees are being hypocritical by arguing that they should help veterans before refugees, since Republican members of Congress have repeatedly voted to deny healthcare, housing, and jobs to veterans in the past.

“The same people who call me a lazy good-for-nothing looking-for-handouts freeloader are the same ones saying we can’t accept refugees because we ‘need to take care of our veterans and homeless first,” Bussell wrote. “How is that supposed to happen, exactly…?”
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“Don’t use me as your fucking excuse when a week ago you were happily voting away my benefits and healthcare,” Bussell continued:

-Quote from Amanda "Shinga" Bussell's Tumblr

The post has received over 300,000 views as of the time of this writing and is generating dozens of comments.

“A-fucking men to that brother.. I served for 8 years.. The only thing I asked for is Uncle Sam to hold up his end of the bargain,” wrote Imgur user ERROR404Davenotfound.

The Imgur user who posted the viral rant is likely referring to the memes posted recently by conservative pages. For example, the image below shows a homeless veteran with the text “FEED 10,000 SYRIAN REBELS? HOW ABOUT WE TAKE CARE OF THE 50,000 HOMELESS AMERICAN VETERANS FIRST?”

While Republicans are accusing President Obama of putting Syrian refugees before homeless veterans, they ignore the fact that both Barack and Michelle Obama have actually done more for homeless veterans than any other administration in history through their Zero: 2016 initiative — a goal of reducing veteran homelessness to zero by the end of 2016. In a July interview with The Daily Show, Obama claimed that since 2009, his administration cut veteran homelessness by 33 percent, which Politifact rated “Mostly True.”

In fact, as a result of the White House initiative, the state of Rhode Island is on track to end veteran homelessness by the end of 2016. Houston, New Orleans, and Winston-Salem, North Carolina have already succeeded in eradicating veteran homelessness. This highly-successful campaign is the most underreported victory story of the federal government in the past decade.

And when Republicans are calling on Democrats to put their money where their mouth is and personally accept a Syrian refugee into their home, at least one Democrat member of Congress has accepted the challenge. U.S. Rep. Seth Moulton (D-Ma.), a veteran who served four tours in Iraq, has criticized Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s position for turning a cold shoulder to Syrian refugees and personally opened his home to a refugee.

“When we change our values, ISIS wins,” Moulton told the Boston Globe.

Source: US Uncut