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58,000 New Autism Cases Per Year. 150 Measles Cases This Year

by Sharon Pelvic 
We have become such a socially misguided society that we can’t even see out of our own ways anymore. The propaganda machine is a steamrolling train that’s trampling our very civil liberties.
In Florida, they are looking to pass legislation that will force every child to be vaccinated. The Florida bill really pushes the envelope here, which is concerning because you must assume other states could come up with more intense and harsh methods to force vaccinations.
In California, the state’s SB277 bill just got one step closer to becoming the law of that land. A state that’s literally running out of water, the lifeblood resource of human beings, is focused on forcing vaccines down it’s people’s throats in exchange for profits and gold.

At the end of the day, what are we looking at as the driving force behind all of this?
150 harmless measles cases.
That’s just baffling. 58,000 kids each year will be diagnosed on the spectrum of Autism to varying degrees, yet 150 non-injurious measles cases have set the stage for one of the biggest, most absurd, marketing campaigns of our time. Big Pharmaceutical companies have overstepped all ethical boundaries and have now become complicit with the destruction of personal and civil rights.
We are a society that questions literally everything we eat. We are terrified of GMOs, yet we never question what’s in that needle? Why is this? Because of 150 cases of non-injurious measles. McDonalds hamburgers are the evil empire’s cancer injection, but don’t worry about what the Doctor is forcing your child to take into his / her arm.
We are a society that we lay our lives down on the tracks for two men to marry, comparing it to the degraded rights of black in the south in the 50’s and 60’s, yet when legislation is spawned to force our kids to get Big Pharma’s medications plunged into their veins, we are fine with it. Why? Because we want to make sure our kids aren’t one of the 150 harmless measles cases.
The insanity needs to stop. If you support these bills, you are just as complicit as the other evils at work. You can’t have one without the other. Remember when we only had 150 cases of Autism? Yeah, me either.