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Become self sufficient or no more food stamps for you?

by Merlyn Seeley


The title sounds a bit harsh, but it may become a reality in many locations throughout the US if the governor of Maine has anything to say about it. In an article posted by The Sea Coast Online, dated September 29th, the governor of Maine is pushing to change the rules dealing with the states food stamp program. We all know that as the labeling of genetically modified organisms (GMO) heated up in Maine, the rest of the country followed suite. Maine could become the first state to label GMOs just as well as the first state to make it a rule that if you want food stamps that you first must have a job and in some cases, be drug tested! These changes could occur soon and would change the way things in the state has been done for some time now.

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The question is, has the US food stamp program made people lazy? Some would say yes. It is no surprise that a lot of people just do not get a job because they know their food stamps would either be cut or stopped. Same goes when it comes to having babies. The more people you have to feed in a household determines the amount of food stamps a family gets. It shouldn’t come as a surprise when someone says that the current food stamp program is abused, royally. We’ve all see people getting hundreds of dollars in food stamps every month and very capable of getting a job and working for themselves, but they just don’t do it. No doubt you’ve had some people say they don’t want to lose their food stamps so they refuse to get a good paying job.
What does it take to become self sufficient? Usually, according to the situation you are in, it could take quite a bit. Growing your own food, raising it, wild foraging, hunting, these are self sufficient ways of obtaining food. We could go even deeper and talk about barter and trade, as well. These are all part of a traditional, successful self sufficient way of life. Residents could simply make a citizen initiative, if the new rules for the food stamp program takes root, to change the rules of the state when it comes to who can have a garden and chickens etc. As well.
A simple citizen initiative, on the November ballet, to make it legal for those in locations that are currently under a law that says they can not grow a garden over their lawns or raise chickens and rabbits can now do so, would change the face of who could and could not become self sufficient in a matter of a few weeks. Current day laws prohibit the raising of chickens and goats, rabbits and growing gardens instead of lawns in a lot of places. This, of course, makes self sufficiency harder to get to for some. And why shouldn’t everyone be able to raise chickens and grow a garden instead of a lawn? Wasn’t this country founded on these things? Of course it was.
Advocates are saying that these changes would hurt struggling residents of Maine, if there are laws in place that prevent self sufficient ways of living, hows a person to make such a drastic change? Democrats are questioning whether the idea to implement the new rules, before the November election, is a political move. It’s no wonder that more and more people are moving to a move self sufficient and sustainable way of life, life is simply better. True health and happiness are just two things that a person doing this will find.