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Budget Deal Includes Federal Pay Raises

Money down the drain

(Oh, the wealthy are giving themselves a pay raise; how convenient! I am so excited, I could just jump up and down!-Ruth)
The same federal government that could not afford to let elderly veterans visit an open-air memorial during the recent shutdown will somehow find the funds necessary to implement an across-the-board pay increase for federal employees.
According to a joint statement made by Maryland Senators Barbara A. Mikulski and Ben Cardin, both Democrats, a one percent pay raise will go into effect in January. This unearned bump is in addition to the back pay government employees will receive for the 16-day vacation that ended Thursday morning.
In their statement, the senators called the moves “good first steps in recognizing the value of federal workers.”
Considering these federal workers make over one-third more money than those with the same job in the private sector, it seems that government workers should already realize their value.
Though their pay scales have remained steady since 2010, raises have been approved on an individual basis. While this is common in the real world, the government apparently feels that its employees are entitled to more.
Cardin said that automatic pay raises for federal employees fulfills “our promise to make them whole again … and finally break through the pay freeze with a modest adjustment for next year.”
The policy still needs Barack Obama’s signature later this year, but he has been vocal in his support for giving government employees more money just for showing up to work.
In the private sector, a business deep in debt and with no hope of turning a profit in the foreseeable future would be rightly ridiculed for daring to institute such indiscriminate pay raises.
Those working for D.C., however, enjoy the benefits of an employer unencumbered by profit margins. Such is the basis for a nation nearly $17 trillion in debt.