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Call for Immediate Prayer: Hour of Danger

From the Christian Friends of Israel –
Jerusalem Headquarters
Prayer Update
Dear Christian friends of Israel:
Greetings to all of our Christian friends across the nation and around the world.
As Jerusalemites for more than 25 years and having experienced several intifadas, the Gulf War and the Lebanon War, we are sending forth this Prayer Update. We are asking for your help in mobilizing Christian prayer partners for Israel in light of the urgent situation the Jewish nation faces presently. We kindly ask that you forward this Prayer Update as far and wide as you are able to in your communities and globally to marshal prayer for the entire Middle East and especially for the Nation of Israel.
A “shaking of the nations” is taking place. Now more than ever, wisdom and understanding of the times is imperative lest we be found sleeping at our posts. With a revolution taking place at this very time in Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak, a planned revolt in Jordan this coming weekend, the fall of Tunisia and Lebanon, tomorrow could be Saudi Arabia.
Needless to say, Israel has four borders, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt. Turkey has backed away from any cooperation with Israel. An insurgency is planned in Jordan this coming weekend by Islamic militants and it is speculated that Iran has sent a fleet of warships into the Red Sea and through the Suez Canal taking up positions around Israel’s western shores (The Golden Report, 29/1/2011). With Iran and Iraq also playing with explosive fuses, whose hand will strike the match? Yesterday’s Jerusalem Post headlines read: “Muslim Brotherhood: Prepare Egyptians for War Against Israel”, (Jerusalem Post, 02/01/2011, Yaakov Lappin). A huge outbreak of war could quickly descend upon the borders of the Promised Land of the Chosen People. If we are serious about our love for Israel and our love for all of mankind, we should not rest until God sees the seriousness of our commitment and concern for the “apple of His eye” (Zechariah 12:8).
· Thank God that He will be the “hope of His People” and the strength of the children of Israel during times of war. May they turn to Him with full face. (Joel 3:16).
· Plead with God to continue to save many from the Arab nations and that they would turn to the One True God and His Messiah before it is too late.
· Weep for those who wish to remove the Jewish people from their own borders which God has given to them to inherit.
· Beseech the Lord to remove far from Israel’s borders those who want her demise. May God drive the spirit of hatred far from her borders.
· Pray that all prayer warriors and ministers of the Lord will weep and say, “Spare your people O Lord, and give not your heritage to the heathen that they might rule over them and then the heathen say, “Where is your God now?”. (Joel 2:17)
· Praise God that He is not a man that He can lie and that His Covenant is everlasting with the Jewish people (as we want it to be for those of us who belong to Israel through the Messiah Yeshua).
Finally, stay at your posts, God is going to judge the nations that come against His Land and People and at the same time will cleanse many in the Land from unrighteousness. May the Church awaken to fulfill her calling: to be true Watchman on the Wall when she sees danger approaching. In God’s wrath, remember to pray for mercy….and do not stop praying until the all clear signal is given by God.
Listening and Waiting during these dangerous times,
Sharon Sanders
Christian Friends of Israel – Jerusalem