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Congress is set to silence pro-family groups during the election

This is something that all of us need to pay attention to.  This is a Freedom of Speech right that Congress, in order for the Democrats to make sure and stay in power, wish to take away from you.  If you are pro-life and pro-family, they want to silence you.  Read this, and then contact your Congress man or woman  and your Senator’s right away.  Scott


Obama and Dems want to censor AFA and other pro-family groups at election time

URGENT: Contact your senators today – tell them to protect the Constitution and vote “NO” on the DISCLOSE Act

June 28, 2010

Dear Jean,

The badly misnamed campaign finance bill, the DISCLOSE Act, will strangle the voice of the AFA and other pro-life and pro-family organizations during election campaigns, right at the time our voices most need to be heard.

President Obama and the Democrats have already pushed this bill through the House, and will push it through the Senate in the next few days unless we intervene.

Although the bill will muzzle the voice of pro-family groups, Democrats carved out a special exemption for unions, the Sierra Club and the AARP, so the rules won’t apply to them.

And the bill will go into effect just 30 days after it is signed by President Obama, just in time to silence our message before the fall elections.

To make sure it can’t be challenged in court prior to November, the bill expressly prohibits expedited judicial review.

The Democrats know this bill is unconstitutional and will eventually be overturned by the courts. They don’t care as long as it will help them this November.

In fact, Congressman Hank Johnson (D-GA) admitted on the House floor that the purpose of the bill is explicitly partisan.

He said that unless the DISCLOSE Act passes, “we’ll see more Republicans getting elected.”

The president and the Democrats don’t want a level playing field this fall; they want one tilted steeply in their favor.

But when the Founders gave us the First Amendment, they prohibited Congress from making any law “abridging the freedom of speech,” by which they meant freedom of political speech. They knew that a representative democracy can only thrive if it protects vigorous and robust public debate during election seasons.

This bill is so bad that even the ACLU has come out against it.