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2012 Iowa Caucus

David Vs Goliath In Iowa Caucus

After months of speeches, polls, debates and campaign stops, the Iowa Caucuses are here bringing us a David vs Goliath, Establishment vs Outsider battle.

After months of campaigning, the primaries begin as Iowans cast the first votes of the 2016 presidential race Monday. There is much to consider in Iowa and beyond, but I believe least important are the issues and most significant is the “establishment vs the outsider” contest. Establishment loyalty among Republicans has disappeared and is rapidly declining among Democrats. No establishment candidate can win the Republican primary, but one might have a chance of winning the Democratic primaries.

Trump, the quintessential outsider, is a disrupter who plays by his own rules. He doesn’t work for press coverage; he is the news; the press works for him. Rather than promise to fix what’s broken, he pledges to break the mold and hand us new rules. Trump’s core message is that we need to reinvent America.

Hillary, as the quintessential establishment candidate, has universal name recognition, unparalleled experience and the best ground operation in the history of Iowa caucuses. She also has the support of big money, Hollywood glitz, star political operatives, pollsters, policy mavens, and the political press. So, why is she sinking rapidly against a 73-year-old political maverick who is still just introducing himself to the American people? Her core message is; I’m best qualified to maintain the status quo.

Bernie Sanders is a quintessential outsider, an independent self-proclaimed democratic socialist running as a democrat. He says, “We’re going to do something unprecedented in this campaign. We’re going to tell the truth!” He rejects traditional campaign fundraising, instead raising money with “crowd funding” and millions of small donations. This independence gives both force and integrity to his core message that “it’s time to take back our democracy from billionaires and Wall Street banksters.”

The next few months will be a showdown, one, I predict will be won by an outsider and ultimately the American people.


Jim Evans is an urbane, forward-thinking, conservative teacher, farmer and entrepreneur. Just like you. And the people you know. He is college educated enough to understand the intricacies and subtleties of economics and statistics, and is a graduate of the school of life, being intimately familiar with the realities of making a living in all parts of our state. Jim has also run for US Congress in the Missouri 7th Congressional District. Find out more about Jim at his site http://jimevansforcongress.com/.