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Doug’s Corner: Hillary Campaign Makes A Seismic Change

by Doug


During the quiet news cycle of the weekend comes the word that advisers within the Hillary Clinton campaign have suggested to their candidate that she change tactics in a shift that could change the entire landscape of the 2016 campaign for the Presidency.  But vicissitudes of Bernie Sanders pulling an Obama in 2016 to an energized Republican constituency, advisers to the former first lady and US Senator from New York have come up with an idea that, in their minds, is fool proof in taking the heat off of their candidate.
John Podesta

Internal memos, obtained by Ye Olde Journalist, show that the nuclear option being proposed is using former President Bill Clinton and the nations love affair with him as the ultimate trump card.  John Podesta, campaign chairman, stated, “Hillary needs to push this election as on of a third Bill Clinton Administration.”  Dennis Cheng added, “She can show this as a Bill-Hillary administration much like the William and Mary co-monarchy in England.”

Further communications show that heir thinking is that by pushing President Clinton as the face of the campaign is to make Hillary more appealing to the masses.  Amanda Renteria pushes that Hillary’s image is not reaching beyond women.  “To keep her on point and on focus without having to constantly change the core message, Bill would be able to use his skills and knowledge to bring in the men and minorities.”  Renteria also asked the question about how Hillary is looking lately.  “[Hillary] has not aged well and is not looking like a loving grandmother.”
As Hillary has avoided the media while dodging Congress and Benghazi, she has looked, to the majority of voters, as corrupt and trying to hide crimes.  “No one is better than lying and cover up and getting away with it than Bill,” Podesta added.   

President Clinton still has a charisma that Hillary’s campaign advisers fear that their candidate does not have.  Plus, since Presidents Obama and Clinton share a mutual hatred of each other, her advisers believe that this would be the perfect break from Obama’s shadow that Hillary desperately needs.

In another comment, Podesta laments the lack of any charisma his candidate exhibits.  “The very reason that others like Bernie [Sanders] are polling better and better is because we have a charisma problem.  We do not seem to be in touch with people the way Bill or Obama can do.  In order to win the nomination and the general election, we must discover our charisma.”

With the election only a year and four months away, Hillary’s campaign seems to still be searching for an answer as to why their candidate is not more loved.