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Drum Beat

From: The Fall of Reynolds

by Renn Oldsbuster


I watched a little CNN this morning.  I have this image in my mind of the job interview process for CNN anchors –
INTERVIEWER: – – “Thanks for coming in to meet with us today.  Let’s get started. 

First, do you worship Barack Obama and his socialist ideals?”

APPLICANT: – –  “Yes.”

INTERVIEWER: – – “Great, you’re hired. Start tomorrow.”
The discussion on the network’s shows today has been the horrific stories caused by the now three-day-long partial shutdown of federal government operations – children are dying of cancer, impoverished government employees cannot afford their medication, federal workers will have their homes foreclosed on, the sky will soon fall in.  Sacrosanct is Obaminacare, so that more wealth can be redistributed by the government (while paying the IRS $200 million to collect it from us).
Obama calls this “the Republican Shutdown”.  He will not talk to Republican leaders to work out a compromise, so the shutdown may drag on for a while.  Today, Obama mentioned how terrible it will be if we have not only a government shutdown, but also the “economic shutdown” which will ensue if we don’t “pay our bills” and meet our “financial obligations” – translate – “continue to pay our ($1 billion dollar-per-day) interest payments to the usury-mongers.  God forbid!!  Then the sky really would fall in, right?  Or would it? 
Obama said that were we not to pay our debt payments, it would hurt all the other countries around the world.  If the other countries joined us, however, in an interest payment moratorium, what would happen?  I guess a few Mediterranean banking families would not collect our hard-earned paper cash that they counterfeited, and they would have to start dipping into all those gold reserves they confiscated from the world’s nations.
Whom is Obama protecting?

Nobody would say that CNN’s talking heads are evil, but why do they maintain this persistent pro-Obama-socialist drumbeat to convince viewers that free stuff is the right way to run a country, when the free stuff has to be stolen from other folks?  I guess conservatism runs in my blood, because I cannot understand the mindset of people who want entitlements, unless a spirit of plunder runs through their veins.  Obama’s model is downright devilish and unconstitutional.
I’m going to watch this squabble over the next few days, because I think that the nation may soon realize that Obama is the one standing in the way of a solution.  He wants you to think that it is the Republicans who are being obstinate. The law of unintended consequences may kick in.