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Fulnecky Continues To Blame Others For Her Failures

Kristi Fulnecky Letter

Kristi Fulnecky continues to blame the majority of City Council along with the mayor for an investigation into her failure to pay Springfield, Missouri license taxes. She gives this majority the insidious nickname the “Gang of Five” and claims they are wasting tax dollars by looking into her wrong doing. Retired Missouri Supreme Court Justice John Holstein will soon be overseeing a hearing to determine if she is guilty of the allegations laid against her by other council members. As she was not qualified to be a lawyer when she was running her company Fulnecky Enterprises, LLC, she was required to have a business license and pay taxes for that license annually. She did not obtain this license before taking office, which is why she failed to meet Section 19.15. of the city code stating “No person shall be entitled to hold any office or employment who is in arrears for any city taxes.”

This is not the first time Fulnecky has come under investigation for simple book keeping problems. In 2011, she had to pay penalties for making improper contributions as an employer, and on a Missouri Ethics Commission’s report for her “Citizens For Kristi Fulnecky” campaign, she was assessed a late fee by the commission. Those issues simply cost money, but this issue can cause her to lose her seat. If she is in fact found to be in the wrong by John Holstein, it won’t be based on the actions of the “Gang of Five,” or the mayor. It will be based on her own failure to pay city taxes before taking office.

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