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Gingrich stepping on more than Mitt Romney’s toes

By Scott Ledbetter


(Matt Rouke/AP)

For all the problems that Newt Gingrich has faced in Florida, he happened to decide to stop and campaign right in front of a Ron Paul supporter today in Florida.  Eddie Dillard (29), came to cast his vote for Ron Paul, noticed a Gingrich supporter already at the polling place holding a Gingrich sign.  Eddie went home, changed into a Ron Paul t-shirt, grabbed a sign, and hurried back to make sure that people did not forget about Ron Paul.
Instead, Dillard, from Windermere, Florida, got a day that he will not forget.
Gingrich, who has made it routine to ferociously attack anyone standing in his way of the presidency, pulled up in his bus and picked the exact spot where Dillard was standing holding up a Ron Paul sign.  Instead of moving to where his supporter was holding up a sign for him, Gingrich and his third wife Callista, stopped for his media photo op right in front of Dillard.
This is where the conservative self claiming defender of freedom and liberty and savior of America took a page from the liberal playbook.  His aides and security detail quickly surrounded Dillard, who neither moved or flinched as they began bumping into and elbowing him to try to get him to move.  One security agent took the heel of his shoe and ground it into Dillard’s bare foot and crushed it like he was putting out a cigarette, causing a cut and lots of bruising.
Dillard took the agents picture and the agent knocked the cell phone out of Dillard’s hand, and as he tried to pick it up with his foot which he had slid out of his sandal, another agent kicked his sandal away.  While Dillard told them to stop kicking him, a Gingrich agent shouted, “Just block him!  Everyone step on his toes!”
They placed a Gingrich sign in front of Dillard’s Ron Paul sign, trying their best to stop the free speech that is the the Constitution that their boss says he is trying to protect.  And in the end, when Newt had finished his photo op, his aides interrogated Dillard trying to accuse him of being a plant. 
Instead, it was one man with one voice, trying to follow the Constitution, who was assaulted and harassed by a man’s entourage, to which Gingrich has made a living in his political career to anyone who gets in his way.  And in this case, it was totally by accident on this young Floridians part.