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Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck: Staff Deserting Him As ‘The Blaze’ Burns To The Ground

In what knowledgeable observers say is a sign of increasing turmoil in the troubled media empire of Glenn Beck, his longtime mentor and corporate executive, Kraig Kitchin, has quit as CEO of The Blaze

by Geoffrey Grider

Kraig Kitchin’s replacement, Stewart Padveen, a digital startup entrepreneur who joined Beck’s company last summer, will be the fourth leader of The Blaze since late 2014.

Kitchin, 54, who took over operations of Beck’s conservative-leaning subscription digital and cable television enterprise last June—after two previous CEOs abruptly left in the space of six months—is resigning along with two other senior executives: Jeremy Price, director of advertising sales, and Liz Julis, director of marketing…. Several other key employees, including at least two senior producers based in The Blaze’s shrinking New York operation, are expected to follow them out the door.

It all made so much sense, and then one day, it didn’t:

Yes, I know this video was created by the uber-Far Left group Media Matters, but since it only contains Glenn Beck talking with no commentary we decided to use it.

A source close to the situation predicted a “mass exodus” from the New York studios, which are housed in a largely unoccupied 35,000 square-foot space at Midtown Manhattan’s Bryant Park, previously rented by Yahoo, under a 10-year lease costing Beck’s privately held company an estimated $2 million a year.

At a staff meeting in New York last February, Beck exhorted his employees to pinch pennies and said the company’s debt was too high at $3 million—a figure sources said later grew to $5 million or more.

Source: NTEB