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Have I become the new Mouth of the South?

I was informed today that I was just nothing but a bunch of hot air, and that Jerry Clower must have talked about me sometime, for I was nothing more than a big Mouth from the South.  Well, I have been told that I am related to Marcelle and the gang (and yes, my last name is Ledbetter), and so if that person thought that this was a put down towards me, I took it as a compliment.

My goal here is to expose lies, cover ups, hypocrisy, and those who wish to remain hidden. I want you to think for yourself, not beholden to any one person, but just use the brain you were blessed with.  I love the truth, and I go wherever the truth leads me, and that is a problem for many folks.  This is not about me – never has been – and I do not wish it to be.

I have invited others to help me out here, but the fact is, that the truth is what is being searched for here.  Feel free to comment on here, and if you do not like something, well just say it.  There are many shady things and characters out there, and I love to shine the light on shady things and characters.  If I am to be the new Mouth of the South, then I pray that I can positively affect others the way the original did.