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Hiding the truth about the California drought

From: The  Examiner
The cause of the California central valley drought is not being reported by media or admitted by politicans.
by Anthony Martin


To hear the politicians and mainstream media tell it, one would think that the drought that is in the process of devastating the central valley of California is the result of “global warming.” But a deeper look reveals nothing of the sort and exposes politicians and the mainstream media for engaging in a coordinated effort to hide the truth.
The facts, as they are told by the mainstream media and “progressive” politicians, is that a severe drought has beset the central California valley. This is only partially true. Further, the propagandists say that this severe drought threatens to ruin California as a major source of fruits, vegetables, and wines. Again, this is only partially true. And then comes the clincher. These particular politicians along with their enablers in the mainstream media say that this drought will turn California’s lush and fertile green valley into a desert, and mankind’s activity caused it.
Global warming, climate change, all the result of the carbons and other “pollutants” that human activity releases into the air, is the culprit and must be attacked with all of the tools at our disposal, so they say.
This is much worse than just a partial truth. This is a barefaced lie that is designed to conceal the culpability of liberal/progressive/collectivist politicians and advance their “global warming” agenda.
So what are the real facts? What is the whole truth?
In order to get at the whole truth one must recognize a simple, overriding fact about the California central valley. Most of the region was a desert, devoid of water, until Americans moved westward and used their ingenuity to divert sources of water to areas where there was none.
San Francisco, for example, was once nothing more than one big sand dune, according to geologists and records from that era in our history. The city became inhabitable by large numbers of people when engineers devised methods of bringing water in from elsewhere.
The same was the case with the central valley. Due to the efforts of Americans with a “can-do” attitude in the late 1800s and into the 1900s, this parched valley was turned into a lush, fertile region suitable for growing food. The water, therefore, did not come from rain. It was funneled in from elsewhere. This fact becomes clear when one reads of the “water wars” that took place in the western regions of the county during this period of time.
Thus, it is easy for younger Americans who were born well after this period to assume that the central California valley was always “green” with an abundance of rain and water. Nothing could be further from the truth.
Human beings created this lush valley, turning a desert into a land “flowing with milk and honey,” which in California’s case means wine and grapes, peaches, tomatoes, and a host of other foods.
No other state has rearranged their environment to the same extent as California. The truth is, most of California is an arid semi-desert, with a climate similar to that of the North African Plain. Los Angeles is drier than Beirut. About 65 percent of the state receives less than 20 inches of rainfall per year, most of that in the winter months. While 70 percent of California’s runoff occurs north of Sacramento, 75 percent of California’s urban and agricultural demands are to the south.
The abundant sunshine and mild temperatures of Central and Southern California are ideal for agriculture; the only ingredient missing is the rain. California’s rainfall is seasonal : dry during the hot summer months, and wet for only a few months in the winter. Still, California has more irrigated acreage than any other state, thanks to massive water projects started early in the twentieth century and still continuing today.
In like manner, human beings are creating one of the worst droughts in American history. But they are not doing it by putting pollutants into the air or sending carbons into the atmosphere, thus causing “global warming.” Climate change has absolutely nothing to do with the California drought. But human activity of a different kind is causing it.
Victor Davis Hanson observes the following about his own experience as a boy in California:
No wonder, then, that this vast interior land was once a desert outback—sparsely populated, mostly unfarmed, and owned by large ranching concerns. I remember driving out to the West Side with my father in the early 1960s to shoot squirrels and jackrabbits. There were desolate, seemingly limitless, tracts of range land, dotted by a few ramshackle hamlets, such as San Joaquin and Five Points, a world away from the East Side’s settled agrarian towns.
The U.S. government began to change all of this in the 20th century, particularly in the 1960s.
So what is the cause of California’s current plight?
The state can look no further than its own politicians, some of its own citizens, and some Washington politicians for the answer.
California is a hotbed of environmental extremism. And they use their money and influence to gain the ear of the state legislature and the senators and congressmen the voters send to Congress. Theseenvironmentalists managed to convince their politicians that the process of shifting the flow of water so that it would flow into the central valley posed a danger to a protected species of fish, specifically the Delta smelt. In order to protect the fish, politicians such as Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and Dianne Feinstein, along with state legislators approved a plan to stop the flow of water into the valley in order to protect the fish.
The consequence, of course, is the current drought. The only thing California would have to do to stop the drought immediately is to open up the water flow back into the valley. But Obama has threatened to veto any bill that passes Congress that would accomplish this.
But California is held firmly in the grip of extremists within the Democratic Party who are beholden to the environmentalists who bankroll their campaigns. It is thus difficult to imagine the state doing anything at all about this unconscionable state of affairs, except to obfuscate by blaming global warming. Even Barack Obama has jumped on the bandwagon, blaming “climate change” for the drought in spite of an abundance of facts showing that politicians of his stripe caused this disaster to begin with.
And America once again is the victim of one of the biggest government lies ever told, along with a host of other whoppers they expect the citizens to believe.
Perhaps someone should inform them that we are onto them. Their lies, scheming, and obfuscation are not working anymore. And frankly, the lies are getting old.