Robot Scared


I am scared by the presidential election, and I can say I’m not scared of many things, except for snakes…and blood sucking bats. As I see it, we have three of the oddest persons or blood suckers on this planet as the leading candidates.

Donald Trump is outspoken and takes positions that cut right through political correctness to where the ordinary Americans live. He’s somewhat of a racist, but so are a lot of other people. He connects with them in a tiny bit of the way that Governor George Wallace of Alabama did in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

George Wallace Confederate Flag Racism
Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace is shown in this Oct. 19, 1964 photo speaking in Glen Burnie, Md. at a rally supporting Republican presidential candidate Sen. Barry Goldwater. (AP Photo)

Wallace totally turned American politics on its head, gave the GOP the “Southern Strategy,” and paved the way for Republicans to win some immense victories.

The problem is that Mr. Trump seems to me to slightly daft. He had made insanely insulting comments about a true war hero, John McCain, disgustingly insulted Megyn Kelly of Fox News, painted Mexicans, some of the hardest-working people on the earth, in vile colors. Sure, as a Texan, I have my personal feeling about what I just mentioned, but I always give anyone respect, unless they prove otherwise. But I don’t make idiot conjectures without some valid reason and besides, my feelings I usually hold to myself.

Donald Trump
Republican U.S. presidential candidate businessman Donald Trump poses before the start of the 2016 U.S. Republican presidential candidates debate held by CNBC in Boulder, Colorado, October 28, 2015. REUTERS/Rick Wilking

Trump has zero, literally zero, experience in government. None in the military either. He is not even remotely prepared for peacetime governance and the thought of his finger on the nuclear button tugs at my very existence. So, that’s Mr. Trump.

As for Mrs. Clinton, there is something thoroughly wrong with her.

It started with the phony commodities trades in Arkansas long ago. Everyone went to prison in that criminal venture know as “WhiteWater,” but her. The lady who tried in vein to bring down Hillary and Bill, was let out of Prison by Bill when he was President, in a final gesture when he was leaving the Oval office. Then there were her truly sickening forays into bullying and silencing women who alleged very serious sexual violence by her husband. The idea that she would lend her Cosa Nostra to frighten the women who said Bill Clinton raped them — then claim to be the women’s candidate is just nauseating. Loyalty is one thing. Mafia conduct towards victims of crime is another. Take my word for the above. Slick Willie’s nighttime adventures in Arkansas was well documented in our papers, being a neighboring state. In fact, back in that time I was a very prolific writer in the news and one of the biggest blogs of my life. I knew where the skeletons were hidden, and yet he still made President with his progressive wife in toe.
Hillary Winking
She was a drastic failure as Secretary of State. No major accomplishments , unless you count that red reset button she gave Russia, and a catastrophic failure at Benghazi. There, she refused to protect a U.S. ambassador against a terrorist attack. She made it worse by lying about it and putting an innocent filmmaker in jail to cover up her own lies and incompetence.

Now she has lied her head off about the actual crime of allowing top secret communications to be hacked easily by taking them off a secure server and putting them on her home computer, hidden in a bathroom, in an apartment in Colorado. She couldn’t even get righteous people to take care of that. She hired a company that suppose to take care of that server, but when congress opened investigation, they acted like that fat German sergeant in “Hogan’s Heroes….”I know nothing!” She is a candidate whose past is presently being investigated by 150 FBI agents. It is inconceivable that Mr. Obama will allow her to be indicted but just the fact that she’s under serious investigation for a series of felonies is dizzyingly frightening.

As to Senator Sanders, I have a lot of common ground with him. Commercial banks and investment banks should never have been allowed to be one entity. Medical care under a single payer system should be a right. Taxes should be much higher on the truly rich to fund better living for the destitute, especially homeless veterans. He has a lot going for him. But, and I say this with a whole lot of reservations….”He’s a Communist!” Where in the heck has this country been the past 60 years? Didn’t we fight a cold war with socialists, not counting that island just south of us. Wait, Obama just made us buddies with them again. I lost myself for a minute. We are now friends with a country that had ICBMs targeting every major city in the US back in 1963, and wanted us dead with a big “D.” But now we are friends. Should have said Obama’s friends. I know Cubans here in the US personally, and they don’t even like the Castros and believe me when I say they have good reason not to.

Bernie Sanders
Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders © Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters

Did you catch TV last night and see Comrad Bernie Sanders calling for a socialist revolution. Those are dangerous words. It has been a long time —back to Yorktown — since a Revolution ended well. Stirring up class and race hatreds is something akin to treason. It may be a joke and a way to have sex and get high for his dopey college student followers, but a U.S. Senator should know a helluva lot better than to call for Revolution.

And the idea that Socialism under Bernie will mean more freedom when in every other place it exists it leads to less freedom and starving masses is a bad sign by the candidate. Socialism is a fig leaf for government control over the ordinary people, and Mr. Sanders has to know that. If he doesn’t, he’s a fool. If he does, it’s even worse.

So, as I said, I am scared about what’s going on in the election. And I am going to hide in my own little world where I’m ruled by one super sensible person, “ME.” I’ll just get under the covers and hide out in my own utopia eating beef jerky and corn nuts, and watching my buds on FOX until the storm of craziness out there in the real world blows over.

Reality it’s just too upsetting for me right now!


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