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Jeb Bush’s Shockingly Heartless Response to Paris Attacks

The presidential candidate seemed to suggest refugee assistance efforts should be connected to one’s faith.


This weekend GOP presidential candidate Jeb Bush told CNN’s Jake Tapper that the attacks on Paris should bring about a more rigorous screening process for refugees. He then clarified what he meant.

“As it relates to the refugees, I think we need to do thorough screen,” said Bush. “And take a limited number. But ultimately, the best way to deal with the refugee crisis is to create safe zones inside of Syria so that people don’t risk their lives, and you don’t have what will be a national security challenge for both our country and for Europe of screening.”

Bush then said he did believe one religious group deserved refuge in the United States: Christians.

“There are a lot of Christians in Syria that have no place now,” said Bush. “They’ll be either executed or imprisoned, either by Assad or by ISIS. And I think we should have — we should focus our efforts as it relates to the Christians that are being slaughtered.”

When asked by Tapper how these screenings could possibly take place, Bush explained, “We do that all the time. I think we need to be — obviously — very, very cautious. This also calls to mind the need to protect our borders, our southern border particularly. This is a threat against Western civilization, and we need to lead. The United States has pulled back and when we pull back, voids are filled. And they’re filled now by Islamic terrorism that threatens our country.”

Source: Alternet