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Just like the king, the mainstream media is affronted by Rudy Giuliani’s truth telling

by Judi McLeod


The most telling part of the ‘Obama doesn’t love America’ Rudy Giuliani story is how the mainstream media is coming off so sanctimoniously affronted.
Talking heads in some of the most surprising places (like Megyn of Fox News’ Kelly file, for example) are absolutely affronted that Giuliani put into plain words what millions of Americans are already thinking: “Obama does not love America”.
Given that presidents, are after all, politicians in the first place, there have been good presidents and not so good ones over the years.
But not until Obama was America thrown off the life-providing teat before it could be weaned.

Given the mainstream media’s big effrontery display, how many average Americans must now be wondering: “How is it that so many news media pooh-bahs are affronted by Giuliani’s defense of America, but not affronted that Obama does not love America”?
Are the stars of the present-day American media unaware that Obama so obviously and unabashedly sides with Islamic terrorism, even patently refusing to use the term ‘Islamic terrorism’ and working to scrub all references to the term from the public lexicon?
Can media meisters STILL be in the dark about the open southern border that provides access to all manner of illegal aliens and that Obama won’t think twice about using his pen to sign Executive Amnesty?
Underlining the sad state of our now upside-down world, by daring to bring Obama’s not loving America into the public square,  Giuliani is now getting death threats.
It was at a private dinner for Wisconsin’s Republican Governor Scott Walker, a potential 2016 presidential contender, that Giuliani put into words his concerns that America has a president who does not love it.
Interesting that now, like the proverbial bolt out of the blue, Washington Post editorial staff would ask Walker whether or not he thinks Obama is a Christian during a recent interview.
Even the most unimaginative among us can see where all this is going.