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Love the Word with all you have

Blessings and peace in then name of YaHuWaH. There are so many people out there, hungering and thirsting for the Word of YaHuWaH, dying because there are so few workers out there to point to the Word. There are many that claim that are teaching the Word, but in reality, they are teaching nothing more than the doctrines of men, and clamoring for their own benefit, and not the Word’s benefit. The love for the Word that many had has grown cold, even as this world sinks further into the delusions that have plagued it for so long.

Nothing that we are facing here today is new. Scripture does correctly tell us that “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” (Eccl 1:9) All of it is what was faced by our brother and sisters back in the first century, and so everything we need to combat everything that we face is found in the Word of YaHuWaH. We do not need to let these things trouble our hearts, for there are those that desired to see this day that will rise before us when Yahushua calls us all home. The sadness that we may have, at the willful trampling of the Word at the feet of those who seek to destroy it, should turn to joy to know that we have a promise that the gates of She’ol will never prevail against the Kingdom of YaHuWaH (Matth 16:18). So even our sorrow has been turned into rejoicing at the knowledge that although there are so many that seek to pervert the Word of YaHuWaH and use it for personal gain, they too shall have to answer for everything that they do, as shall we, and they will receive the reward of a perverter, where we, if we remain faithful, shall receive that crown of life.

Take the Word of YaHuWaH into your hearts and minds daily. Do not let the world and the cares of this world choke out the word from your hearts and minds. Remember, Scripture tells us “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of YaHuWaH.” (Romans 12:2) The answer to all problems, whether physical or spiritual, lies only in the Word of YaHuWaH. Far too many people fill their head with useless information gained by reading books or other means of learning, that in the end, shall do nothing to bless their souls. They spend far too much time filling their heads with useless trivial knowledge of this world, which, just as this world perishes, shall not go with them to eternity but shall perish as well. And because of this, people’s hearts have hardened because they are not fed daily from the Bread of Life, and their conscious’ are seared over to where they do not know right from wrong anymore all because they do not exercise their minds daily on that which is profitable for their soul.

They may have the Word of YaHuWaH on their to-do list, but it is not the top priority, and it constantly gets bumped down the list of the most important thing in their life. Nothing else contains the Bread of Life, from where we shall never hunger if we only daily take it in and make it apart of us. The Word of YaHuWaH is not some book, sitting on a shelf, collecting dust, but is alive, and has the power t make people alive. Those who refuse to partake of this Word are nothing more than dead men walking; a body filled with nothing inside. Their lives serve no purpose, and their souls are left bitterly wasted from all of the lies they have eaten. The Word is more than words on a parchment, but is Yahushua, from whom all blessings flow. By forsaking the Word, we are forsaking the Life that the Word gives to us. Each and everyone of us needs to base our lives, not on the changing nature of this world, nor of the desires of ths world, but solely on the unchanging nature and desires of the Word of YaHuWaH, who laid down His life, so that we may inherit what was not ours to inherit – eternal life.

The joys that we have when we take in the Word are only bested by the joys we shall have as we reign with Him for eternity. My life is worthless, and has a beginning and an end, but the Word is eternal. The Word was before the foundations of this earth, and shall be long after the foundations have been restored to the original. There is nothing that one person can do, alone and apart from the Word, that shall last through eternity, but the Word of YaHuWaH enables each and everyone of us to do something that shall be brought up in remembrance before the throne of YaHuWaH, long after this world ends. I can do nothing to change anyone’s life, but the Word transforms lives daily. It has, since the fall of man, taken ordinary men and women, of whom the world has looked down upon, and transformed them into great workers for the Kingdom of YaHuWaH. What they could not do on their own, they could with the Word dwelling in them, and changing them from ordinary to special in the eyes of YaHuWaH.

In reality, what is our life? We sweat and toil, just as all those who have gone before us, but only those who are sweating and toiling for the Word get to receive the rest that the Word promises to us. And so many people are seeking peace in their lives, but even in the midst of the ravaging storms this life throws at us, there is true peace that only comes from the Word. We must decrease, so that the Word may increase. Our lives mean absolutely nothing, but the Word, the same Word that can transform our lives, can transform everyone lives if they will let Him, but sadly, most people reject the Word because they prefer the image that others project, which seems more beautiful to them that the Word does.

I have called no one to myself, nor do I tell anyone to obey me, but rather, I point everyone to the Word, and tell them to follow the Word, as I am trying to follow the Word. All of us are still in physical bodies, and therefore will miss the mark, but the Word knows our hearts and minds, and knows when we are really trying but fail do to our physical bodies, rather than those who are not even trying, who purposely miss the mark, simply because they have rejected the Word altogether. I do not seek to have people become disciples of me, for I am nothing to follow, but rather, my desire is for everyone to be a disciple of the Word, to love the Word and care for the Word as if it was their own life. The result of the arrogance of pride is nothing more than leaven, which when it runs its course, only leads to destruction. We are to die to self daily, allowing the Word to live in us, so that the things we do, it is not what we are doing, but it is the Word, which dwells inside of us, that is doing everything, so that we do not deserve nor should we receive any credit, but all the kavod must go to the Word.

No matter what, we must set the example so that those who are watching and learning from us will be able to always see the Word living in us. Sometimes, this will put us into conflict with others, who desire not the Word, but who desire the joys and pleasures of this earth. To live for Yahushua means that we will lay down at His feet all of the joys and pleasures of this world, so that we will receive the joys and the pleasures of the world to come. When we hold back and refuse to give up what is this world’s, we are nothing more than Ananias and Sapphira, who sought to impress others while deceiving them and keeping for themselves what they had declared as kadosh. We can not bring our daily sacrifice before the great Alter, and then decide to hold out a piece of that sacrifice for our own enjoyment. When we do this, we are rejecting the Word, for He came to us, and held nothing back, giving everything as a sacrifice so that we may have the right to bring our sacrifices to Him to offer up before YaHuWaH. If He was not worthy to hold anything back, then why are we more worthy than He is?

Our goal in life is to serve the Word, and should never be to please and placate others. This will bring us into conflict with all those who are around us. All who are not seeking the Word and not trying to follow the Word will rebel against those who are, and we know that Scripture tells us “For rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness is as iniquity and idolatry.” (1 Sam 15:23a) All those that seek to rule and reign with Him must not spit upon His body, which is the sacrifice He made for us, which is nothing more than rejecting Him because we desire the pleasures of this world, for Scripture also tells us “Because thou hast rejected the Word of YaHuWaH, He hath also rejected thee from being king.” (1 Sam 15:23b)

Our earthly families mean nothing to us, for when we are raised from the dead in Him, we are given a new name, and a new life, with the old passing away, being remembered no more. We are given the name that He has called us by for eternity, to which makes each and everyone of us the child of YaHuWaH, so that everything we do is in His blessed and kadosh name. Whatever we do or say, we are doing or saying it in His name, for if we died with Him, then we are risen with Him, and if we are risen with Him, we shall reign with Him, for He is the King of kings, and all those that bear His name are of His royal blood. He is the King, whose earth is His footstool, so what then can this earth offer you that is more precious than what He is offering you? What can our physical families, which shall dies, and if they are not of YaHuWaH, shall be remembered no more, offer us that is better than what our spiritual Father and family offers. Everyone’s last name should be Ben or Bat YaHuWaH, and if it is not, then they shall perish, but if it is, then they have been called out from their earthly families, to no longer be flesh and blood with them, but to be flesh and bones with Yahushua for eternity. You should rejoice that your last name is the name that this world hates the most, for that hatred means nothing in the world to come, but His love means everything in the world to come.

I have served Him for many years, and I have prayed many times that eyes shall be opened. There are eyes beginning to open now, that I am thankful so much for being blessed to be able to see this happening. It is way too easy to be discouraged, because many times, we seem to be the voice in the wilderness crying out, so as to prepare the way of YaHuWaH. There are times when the world hammers at you that you feel that you are all alone in this world, but you are not. There is always a small remnant that YaHuWaH has reserved for Him out of this world, and although there are those that shall read this and refuse to give up this world for the world to come, there are those that shall read this and lay everything aside, so that they can enjoy the fruits and the leaves of the Tree of Life. Know that your labor, when you are laboring for the Word, is never in vain, and that He is the one that gives the increase. This world that we live in has already been decreed by the King to end, and so what is decreed for eternity is the world to come, and so that is what we need to strive for.

The Word tell us that “the joy of YaHuWaH is your strength.” (Neh 8:10) What else on this earth is comparable to Him? Who on this earth is worth giving up Him to please them? Each and every word that we speak should be the words that YaHuWaH would speak. No matter where we go or what we do, He goes with us, so that nothing is hidden from Him, and so we shall answer for every word that we say. Would He be pleased to come to our homes and eat with us, or would He, when He left our homes, never return to our homes, because of the way we acted?

Continue to feast daily on the Word of YaHuWaH, knowing that He is the only Life, and everything else that you feast upon is death. You are my joy, knowing that the Word of YaHuWaH never returns void, and in as much as I have labored, I have not labored in vain. Although I am rejected and despised among men because I refuse to conform to this world, I see that there are those who also refuse to conform to this world, who love the Word as much as I do. Fill your heart and mind with the Word, and cut out the fat that the world creates, circumcising your heart so that He alone may reign there. You can not choose to have two families, and so choose the family of YaHuWaH, even though this means that those of your earthly family shall turn against you and shall seek to force you to give Him up. Hold fast to the Word, and know that He alone is able to save you, and that He shall protect and care for those in His family.

Do not forget to pray daily, spending time with the Father, and letting Him know what the world is doing to you. Pray for the sick, because they need especially the hand of the Great Physician. Take care of those who have no covering, and be their covering if needed. Do not hold grudges, but forgive each other, so that your sacrifice shall be accepted and not turned away. Be not afraid to stand up for YaHuWaH, for He rewards all who stand up for Him. Study the Word daily, for in that you guarantee that you will not be deceived by those who twist and pervert Scripture. Be willing to always lay down your life, even if it costs you everything on this earth, for what we lose here shall be returned to us in the world to come. Pray for me, that I may continue to do His work, and that my family shall be taken care of. For as long as I have breath, I will serve YaHuWaH.