Marshall Tx is about 50 miles due east of big D. 
I received this from my cousin, coincidentally on the same day I was going to Marshall and would be at a business near that intersection.  So, you know me.  I took my camera! LOL!    And Yes! It’s really there!  It faces North, so, since we were traveling north, we had to turn around to see it, but I went back and got a picture. I was curious to see who paid for it.   From the angle I took this picture, it tells just that…kinda, anyway.   It says, “Paid for by E.M – Citizen”  It would have to be someone with money, and I’ve got an idea who that might be, but it doesn’t matter. It’s up there!   This is the picture I took.  A little clearer, I must say.  The original message with location and picture follows my picture.


This billboard is at the northeast corner of U.S. 59 and State Highway 43, across from Marshall High School .
  Gotta love those Texans !!!