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Martin: Dems start the blame game again

by Anthony G Martin


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Most Americans are well beyond the stage where blaming George W. Bush for the nation’s woes seems to have a least some validity. Eventually the citizens caught on to the fact that to persist in blaming a former president for current problems is not only totally unreasonable but points to a major ulterior motive on the part of those who insist on continuing such a blame game.
Take the recent announcement that Attorney General Eric Holder will be resigning as soon as a new attorney general is chosen and confirmed by the Senate. Most political observers are convinced that the timing of the announcement is a bit too coincidental to be taken at face value. A federal court had just ruled in favor of a lawsuit brought by Judicial Watch to force Holder and the Department of Justice (DOJ) to turn over pertinent documents in the ongoing House investigation of the Fast and Furious scandal. This gave Democrats a window to resurrect the blame Bush mantra. Fast and Furious was not an Obama scandal, they said, but a Bush scandal. Judicial Watch, by the way, provided an update at their weekly briefing this morning.
The Examiner reported at the time of the announcement that the court’s decision was the major reason, among others, that Holder’s intention to resign was made public now. Others postulated that the reason was the upcoming midterm Congressional elections. Republicans are projected not only to keep control of the House but to win control of the Senate as well. If that is the case, Holder will be in deep trouble. No longer will Holder or Obama have Harry Reid to sit on any and all actions of the House, especially those that delve into the vast corruption of this administration. Further, a lame duck session of Congress — the months between the election and the swearing in of newly elected representatives — would secure another extremist like Holder to occupy the seat of Attorney General. Such a move would be designed to get a new attorney general in place before Republicans take control in January.
All of these factors, no doubt, have contributed to the timing of the announcement of Holder’s resignation. But the court’s ruling on Fast and Furious was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
Fast and Furious was not implemented under Bush but under Obama in late 2009 and 2010. Investigators discovered that an Obama administration operative had laid out the broad outline of the scheme in Hillary Clinton’s office at the State Department in 2009. By the time other administration officials were in on the game, the plot had broadened to include most of the main cabinet level agencies in the Obama administration, including State, Justice, the CIA, Homeland Security, and many of the agencies under the broad umbrella of Homeland Security such as the FBI, ATF, ICE, and the DEA.
Even after the thorough investigation of the details of the scandal four years ago, some Americans still have the erroneous assumption that Fast and Furious started under George W. Bush. Here it is important to separate fact from fiction.
In 2003-2004 the ATF implemented a strategy openly before the public and with the approval of Congress and the Mexican government. This would be a sting operation to see if they could track the movements of drug cartels and kingpins by allowing a small number of guns — 250 or 300 at the most — to be carried across the border to the cartels. (Obama’s Fast and Furious scheme sent 2500 – 3000 guns across the border in comparison). That program was called Project Gunrunner. But before seeing the program through to the end, the Bush administration ended Gunrunner because, according to officials, the early stages of the program did not net the successes that officials were looking for.
In 2009, however, with the election of Barack Obama, a new component was added into the mix that brought new interest to the now defunct Gunrunner program. Obama was a strong proponent of gun control, although he conveniently avoided making it a campaign issue. His reason was given in an interview. He stated that even if he pushed his supporters to introduce such a bill in Congress, it would not get the votes to pass, not even in his own Party. Yet some Democrats were every bit as anti-gun as Obama, including Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and others. If they could somehow resurrect Gunrunner, vastly expand it, and add to it the gun issue in order to “prove” that most of the guns used by Mexican criminals come from the United States, then they could kill two birds with one stone. Publicly they could show they were going after drug kingpins. Privately they could undercut the gun rights of American citizens. They could call for “reasonable restrictions” on guns by using bogus figures supplied by the Fast and Furious operation.
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