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Monsanto is Not ‘Too Big to Fail’ – Ban GMOs Now!

From: Farm Wars
Barbara H. Peterson

The movement for a ban on GMOs is growing. Recently I came across a couple of things that have given me renewed hope that some of the people so adamant about labeling are beginning to see the light and making the shift towards endorsing a ban.

This came from GreenMedInfo.com:

don't label ban

And this came from March Against Monsanto, who is asking for studies showing GMO harm:

We want Ban

If you are still on the fence about this, please listen to the following testimony of a mom who found out just how GMOs can affect your health and the health of your children:

Still not convinced? Here is another first-hand account of what GMOs are doing to us:

Ellen says: I have a pretty good idea since I developed a mystery autoimmune disease a year ago plus where my body attacks itself…years of unknowingly consuming GMO food had altered my immuno response. I was weak, had severe joint pain and anaphylaxis after working out combined with severe asthma. A year on non GMO organic food and I weigh more (not less) and can play my favorite bone crushing sport polo without issue and am strong as an ox. Had I continued to eat a normal American diet I would be dead for sure. I was told no cure available for mystery ailment just carry 3 epis and inhalers and prednisone and pray each time the paramedics get to me in time. I politely disagreed and sought my own homeopathic, naturopathic and alternate treatments including deep cleansing detox. I know others who accept their fate and hope that the drug companies will make them well or run for a cure but I took matters into my own hands and have lived to tell my story. My destiny is different than their fate.