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More Children Stuck In The Dark Ages

by Bill Medvecky


Just as the Catholic Church brought the world into the Dark Ages, and the muslims are doing around the Middle East now that they are in control, the subjugation and oppression of Fundamental Mormon’s by their Leaders has reached an intolerable level.
Taught by the experts of Child Kidnapping, texass CPS and CASA, those in control, who are determined to stay in power, have Banished hundred’s of Parents from their homes, and “Reassighned” their children to “True Believers”. It means sheep who follow orders without question. In the past few weeks, 4 mother’s have DEMANDED their children back, but there are still a few hundred Families that have been torn apart. Maggie Jessops is but ONE of those mother’s, and her children MUST be returned to her IMMEDIATELY.
Lyle Jeff’s can ignore this, or he can find his ass in Prison alongside his Brother.