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MORON: Obama’s Immigration Chief Orders Release of ALL Violent Criminal Illegal Aliens; ICE Agents: “We’ve Lost America”

This is not about Law and Order – it never has been. Obama and the Democrats are in power because of fear – the fear of the economy crashing even worse; the fear of Republican warmongers; the fear of racial tensions, ect. So if there is no fear, then there would be no need for Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others to be in power. naturally, they will be like all other politicians and do whatever they must to stay in power. This brings up the violent illegal offenders, who are bring used as terror quads, and allowed to roam this country freely, so that Obama and his ilk can point the finger and blame the Republicans for not allowing him to do what he wants. The more people refuse to follow his orders, the more terror he will cause to force his will on others. Scott

MORON: Obama’s Immigration Chief Orders Release of ALL Violent Criminal Illegal Aliens; ICE Agents: “We’ve Lost America”

By Debbie Schlussel
Recently, you may have read reports that Barack Obama’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) chief, John “Moron” Morton, said he may not accept illegal aliens detained under Arizona’s immigration law. But it gets worse. Far, far worse. Moron ordered ICE agents to FREE violent criminal illegal aliens until they are convicted at trial . . . a trial to which they will never show up (because they were set free to disappear). To that end, he’s dropped all reference to the word “detention” in an ICE reorganization.

Moron: Obama Immigration Chief John Morton Says
Set Violent Criminal Illegal Aliens Free on the Streets

Many agents within ICE tell me they are extremely demoralized because, until recently, Morton has instructed them not to detain and lock up illegal aliens unless they have a criminal record. But, now, Morton told agents that even illegal aliens who are accused of serious crimes, like rape and murder, must be set free . . . until they are convicted. Think these illegal aliens charged with serious crimes will show up for trial, once they’ve been set free? Think again. This policy is clearly by design, and it comes straight from the Obama White House, the agents tell me.

Moreover, many ICE agents sent me a memo (posted later on in this entry) which Morton sent out, reorganizing ICE and changing the name of ICE’s Detention and Removal Operation to “Enforcement and Removal Operations.” In other words, no more detention. Almost all references to the word “detention” are gone. Just more catch and release of illegal aliens. So, what’s the point of having the I in ICE? I’m not sure, and frustrated agents aren’t either.

In May, Morton made a visit to the Chicago ICE office. His statements and behavior dismayed ICE agents to the point that several of them told me “we have lost this country.” Here is one account which mirrors what I’ve heard from so many other agents within the floundering agency:

Morton showed up with his posse to visit our sanctuary city. They appeared at the Chicago DRO [Detention and Removal Operations] Office inquiring about the Secure Community initiative. One ass-kissing ICE lawyer who was part of Morton’s entourage told the agents they were “NOT” to lodge ICE detainers on [arrest and detain] illegal aliens despite the crime UNTIL they were actually convicted.

Can you imagine this? An illegal alien commits a rape, and instead of placing an ICE hold on this alien, while commencing the deportation process, this illegal alien is allowed out and released on bond posted. Do you think he’ll ever come back and show for his appearance? Ha! He will NEVER be seen again.

The agents were shocked. They–ICE chief Morton’s people–stated this is coming directly from Obama. Do you think they showed up in Chicago for nothing…his home town? The agents were all too shocked and scared of reprisal. So no one said a thing. There were many people present who witnessed the whole thing. They–the agents–felt intimidated by the Moron and his staff and were worried for their careers if they asked questions. But they were “instructed’ not to detain/lodge ICE detainers on illegal aliens, regardless of the violent and serious nature of the crime until they are convicted. This is ridiculous.

Debbie, I have playing this illegal game now for many years–decades. It is IMPOSSIBLE to track aliens and monitor them for criminal convictions, once we release them out into the public. My case load is HUNDREDS of illegal aliens. HUNDREDS. How in the world can I wait for a conviction, when it is so much easier (not to mention they are tracked in detention) to lodge an immediate detainer upon arrest of the illegal alien?

This is being done by Obama so this country is brought down and America is turned into a Third World country, saturated with illegals. America will be Mexico #2 soon, if we do not reverse the flood of illegals. There is no question that Barack Obama wants to bring this country down.

We have lost America, Debbie.

Here are the appropriate parts of the memo:

From: ICE-Broadcast
Sent: Wed Jun 09 15:00:20 2010
Subject: A Message from Assistant Secretary Morton

A Message from Assistant Secretary Morton

To all ICE employees

June 9, 2010

Internal Realignment of ICE Offices

When I arrived last year as the Assistant Secretary, one of my priorities was to improve the management structure of ICE and to give the agency a clearer sense of identity and focus. Of particular concern to me was that the agency’s core operational and management functions were divided among many different offices without a clear reporting structure.
After thoroughly reviewing our agency’s leadership and reporting structure, I have determined that ICE will be able to better fulfill its mission if its offices are aligned around its two core operational responsibilities–criminal investigation and civil immigration enforcement supported by a robust management program. Therefore, I am pleased to announce that ICE will now operate through three new directorates—Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO), and Management and Administration. A revised organizational chart is attached. . . .
Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO): ERO will align the existing offices in ICE that are primarily devoted to civil immigration enforcement, namely the Office of Detention and Removal Operations and the Secure Communities program. This directorate will ensure a coherent and consistent approach to civil immigration enforcement in a manner that prioritizes convicted criminals, fugitives and illegal re-entrants, and recent border violators. The directorate will also oversee the agency’s detention system, removal flight operations, and efforts to locate aliens subject to criminal prosecution for illegal re-entry. James Chaparro will serve as ERO Executive Associate Director.

Um, how can you have “secure communities” or any “coherent and consistent approach” if you don’t detain illegal aliens–especially VIOLENT CRIMINAL illegal aliens–when you catch them and merely release them to roam free in the great American abyss? Helloooo . . . .?

I was extremely critical of ICE under incompetent Bush appointee Julie L. Myers a/k/a “The ICE Princess.” But while things were incredibly bad under her um, “leadership,” they’re even worse now under Obama’s Morton, who spends much of his time taking advantage of government paid chauffeurs and bodyguards and spending your tax money feting open anti-Semites. Not only did he keep the most incompetent and unworthy Republican/Bush/Myers people on, but he added many more incompetents who are even worse.

Say good-bye to America as we know it. The inmates–the illegal aliens–are running the asylum. And their leader is John Morton, brought to you by Barack Obama.

Attention, Illegal Aliens: this is your time to invade America and roam free. Your time to wreak havoc on our nation.