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Mothers are Encouraging their Sons to be Pretty and Feminine!

by Patti

Many Boys are now Enjoying Femininity with the help of their Mothers!






Date Posted: 07:36:34 08/19/13 Mon
Author: Laura
Subject: Raising two daughters?
Hello forum, I had been searching the net for some advice and found this wonderful place. After reading through some of the subjects I realized that my story perhaps is not so different from many others Mothers here.
I’m a single 36 year-old mother of twins, Corey and Casey both 12 years old..
Recently my daughter Casey has begun to experience puberty and of course we all know that means that it’s time for her first training bra.
Well when I took her with Corey in tow I got quite a surprise because he wanted one as well! Imagine my surprise, although perhaps it’s not too shocking because Corey has always been on the..effeminate side. Well after several minutes of begging I finally relented and bought both of them training bras, as well as a cute pack of panties for Corey. I thought to myself that he had might as well match!
So that was a month ago and since then Corey has told me that he not only wants to dress like a girl all of the time, but doesn’t want to ‘be a boy’ because of the films on puberty they showed him in school this past year.
Corey says he’d much rather be a girl and admitted that he (she?) has always felt this way.
I’m a young, progressive woman with lots of gay and lesbian friends so this isn’t a big deal for me. I’m just not entirely sure what steps to take?
Is there some sort of medicine that Corey can be put on to help him ‘not r a boy?’. Is there any particular way I should have him dress?
Any advice at all would be lovely and I’m so happy to be a part of the amazing place 🙂
Date Posted: 13:03:48 08/21/13 Wed
Author: Laura
Subject: Re: Raising two daughters?
In reply to: Joanie ‘s message, “Re: Raising two daughters?” on 11:16:36 08/21/13 Wed
Well thank you so much to everyone who was kind enough to respond! After sitting Corey down and talking with him I explained that if he wished he could begin dressing like a girl inside the home. He became very enthusiastic and seemed very happy about the decision that we came to.
Today I went to a local department store and found myself very dissatisfied with the selection of clothing options for junior girls. Honestly I don’t mind if Casey chooses to dress that way, but for Corey I felt that it would be better to make some purchases from the kids section. The dresses there were much more girly and cute! My son was very happy about his Mommy getting him such nice things to go along with his training bra and panties.
Thank you again for all of the nice feeback 🙂
Date Posted: 05:21:42 08/27/13 Tue
Author: Laura
Subject: Re: Raising two daughters?
In reply to: Joanie ‘s message, “Re: Raising two daughters?” on 18:09:11 08/26/13 Mon
Hello again everyone! I’m so overjoyed to see such a positive response to my post :). I’m happy to say that I secured an appointment with a psychologist for Corey and we had a nice discussion about what to do about his wishes. She recommended that we first come up with a female name for Corey, and I gave my daughter Casey the final vote. She said that she likes the name ‘Corinne’. So that’s what we will be calling Corey from now on. The psychologist also proposed that we put Corinne through a phase of age-regression in order to get her mind ready for a female life. She went so far as to suggest that I put her (him) back into diapers and began treating her (him) as if she (he) were a baby again.
At first it sounded a little weird to me, but to be honest I had the best time raising two lovely little babies. Casey seemed to enjoy the proposal and even said she would be happy to babysit to give me a break.
I work two full-time jobs so it’s a welcome relief.
I also purchased two more dresses for Corinne as well as tights, Mary Janes, shorts that are below the knee, and some lovely blouses. We’ve also made an appointment with an endocrinologist to see what we can do about Corinne’s transition. I’m so overjoyed and excited for my little girl!
Date Posted: 07:02:30 10/14/13 Mon
Author: Laura
Subject: Re: Raising two daughters?
In reply to: Joanie ‘s message, “Re: Raising two daughters?” on 02:38:16 08/29/13 Thu
Hello all,
It has been almost two months now since Corey has become Corinne and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Corinne has certainly taken to being a ‘girl’ very quickly and her sister and I have been absolutely amazed at how much like a girl he really is.
For the time being and at the suggestion of her therapist Corinne has been wearing Goodnites for girls, which is lucky because as her Doctor explained the testosterone blockers she is taking causes frequent and excessive urination. Heaven help her if she has an accident in school!
Casey has been very helpful in getting Corinne to adjust to her new life and has been giving her makeup tips as well as lessons on how to love and speak in a more feminine way.
I will certainly try to post more often and give updates!