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Movie Critique of “Noah”

by Devorah Arndt-Daniel


Just took my grandson to see “NOAH” the movie.
Noah, the movie: critiquing the critique-rs and my humble review….
Maybe I should not have read the reviewers first. But come on, this movie was destined to be widely and wildly talked about. ( quote marks are words from others)
Glenn Beck said: “watched “Noah” last weekend, and calls it a major bust for anyone wanting a biblically sound story.” – http://www.gospelherald.com/articles/50745/20140327/after-screening-noah-glenn-beck-calls-movie-a-100-million-disaster-russell-crowe-calls-criticisms-irrational.htm#sthash.kOjKD12K.dpuf
Silly me, I thought this was a Hollywood movie. Shame on them for not sticking straight with the Bible, the movie would have then lasted about 10 minutes.
“Islamic Sunni authorities in Egypt say the blockbuster Hollywood biblical epic starring the Australian actor violates Islam by portraying a prophet and have called for it to be banned. It comes after a US survey found a majority of Christians were unhappy about the film.”
And then this which I found myself taking GREAT exception to before seeing the film….
“The Film Never Mentions God”
“I have heard this objection repeatedly this weekend, particularly on FOX news and Talk Radio outlets, and it is blatantly false and ridiculous. …..In the Noah film this nameless One is constantly referred to as “the Creator,” but used in a very personal way by all the characters in the film–good and bad. According to Exodus 6:3 God did not make Himself known by His personal name Yahweh (YHVH) or “the LORD” until the time of Moses. The references to God as “the LORD” in Genesis 6-9 in the Flood story are accordingly anachronistic—so it turns out, ironically, that Aronofsky’s designation of God as “the Creator,” is more biblical than his critics have imagined.”
Let me post what the Bible really says so that we have a true point of reference here:
“And I appeared to Aḇraham, to Yitsḥaq, and to Yaʽaqoḇ, as Ěl Shaddai. And by My Name, יהוה, (Yehovah), was I not known to them?” Exodus 6:3
This is a rhetorical question folks and the answer is YES, He was known as Yehovah to them. Let’s look at the account of Noah first and then go a bit farther back.
“And Noaḥ awoke from his wine, and he knew what his younger son had done to him, and he (Noah) said, “Cursed is Kenaʽan, let him become a servant of servants to his brothers.” And he said, “Blessed be יהוה, (Yehovah) the Elohim of Shĕm, and let Kenaʽan become his servant. “Let Elohim enlarge Yepheth, and let him dwell in the tents of Shĕm. And let Kenaʽan become his servant.” Genesis 9:24-27
Uh, Noah just said Yehovah. Uh oh.
“And to Shĕth, to him also a son was born. And he called his name Enosh. Then it was begun to call on the Name of יהוה ( Yehovah).” Genesis 4:26
Uh oh, there it is again…..
“…and called his name Noaḥ, **saying**, “This one does comfort us concerning our work and the toil of our hands, because of the ground which יהוה (Yehovah) has cursed.” Genesis 5:29
Uh oh! There it is AGAIN!! What is Lemek’s problem!! He doesn’t know that name….right???
Ironically he called his piece, “Bashers of the Noah Film Should Re-Read Their Bibles”
Point made, move on….
My thoughts on the movie itself…..
It was refreshingly NOT Christian. They stayed home, I got a GREAT seat!
It was also not as rabbinic as I had feared. Some, but come on you have to look at how these boys (Aronofsky and Handel) were raised. Again, refreshing.
A Christian complaint or critique is a nicer word, was the not saying God or Lord in the movie. Using the term “The Creator” through the movie is a very Jewish thing to do so I could not fault them for that after all he IS the Creator!! I am sure those 2 guys have no idea what the Creator’s name is anyway. They need to read “Shattering the Conspiracy of Silence: The Hebrew Power of the Priestly Blessing Unleashed” by Nehemia Gordon, heck, they need to make THAT into a movie!!
What the movie is, is a close adherence to the Biblical story, such as it is with artistic license. It is a VERY short story in the Bible.
When I first saw the ark in the expansive way they showed it, I got goose bumps the size of Texas. I think you might have to be dead not too. I did have tears, it’s a very emotional portrayal that makes you wonder what Noah really may have gone through in his mind. 
What I love most was the out of the box thinking and imagination of the whole thing. Face it, we simply do not know and these two Jewish guys, Darren Aronofsky and his former Harvard roommate and writing partner, Ari Handel, in what they call the “least biblical” of Bible themed films, have ended up making a great film of Biblical proportions. At least imho.
One of the things I noticed right away and my husband and I poked each other in the ribs was, that the stars were close to the earth and could be seen in the day time. We have often speculated on that because the Bible tells us that Yehovah stretched out the heavens (in Isaiah) which has always led to speculation about what earth and the heavens were like before the flood. Clearly the continents had not been broken apart at that time, Genesis 10 indicates it was after the flood. Oh to wonder about pre-flood days!! The stuff of dreams and imagination which was brilliantly used by Darren Aronofsky and Ari Handel.
Did I agree with everything?? Certainly not! The Bible clearly tells us that Noah’s 3 sons had wives on the ark. To make it otherwise was artistic license and they get to do that. Never forget this is Hollywood movie!!!
I still found it very spiritually satisfying on many levels. Without spoiling it, I had a moment that could easily have happened in the time of Noah and I had never given it thought. It was very disturbing to me and must have been excruciating for Noah and his family. Again, very insightful of these 2 men who wrote it. You can message me if you are curious, I just don’t want to spoil it for anyone.
All in all, this goes into my top 10 favorite movies of all time! Go see it and get out of your tiny box before you go and be prepared to be entertained…..not preached to or instructed in the Bible…..entertained.