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Nelson: Basher Assad … must expose the war mongers in this Administration

by Ronald A. Nelson Col.USA (Ret)


It is time that Assad declares that a de-facto state of war exist… between Syria and the Obama Administration…  That, Syria understands the people of the United States and their Congress have not given legal permission for such a state of war to exist and that he is calling upon them to stop such belligerent actions by this Administration and President. 
Assad must differentiate between the people of the United States… the Congress and the Administration/President; making it perfectly clear that a state of war exist because of the INDEPENDENT actions of the President and his Administration.  He should declare that a state of war will exist, until the Obama Administration ceases from such acts of war, or the people and their Congress stop such acts of war.
If Assad wants to avoid the effects of war … he must appeal to Congress and the People of the United States, too take the necessary action required to restrain the President and the current Administration from engaging Syria with acts of war. Obviously, Congress will not act on its own too disengage this Administration from conducting a de-facto war against Syria… by arming, training, supplying and supporting Syrian rebel, insurgency operations.  Assad must appeal to the good will of the American people to avoid war where their is no clear and present danger from a foreign power.

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