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New Zealand’s NAHAIA Active Organics skin care product line now available at the Natural News Store

by Mike Adams
t’s not very often that I go “WOW!” when reading the ingredients of personal care products. When conducting laboratory investigations into foods, beverages and cosmetics, I’m usually disappointed at the products I see because they often contain high heavy metals, low-grade ingredients and toxic chemical preservatives. But a new line of skin care innovations from a New Zealand company called NAHAIA (“Na-Hiya!”) has put a smile on my face for its integrity and purity.
I’ve never seen a formulation quite like this. Take a look at the ingredients of their Radiant Light Replenishing Serum:
Natural Polysaccharide Gel, Glycerin, Vitamin E, Complex for Improved Skin Immunity, Herbal Extracts of Organic Calendula and Rosemary, Colloidal Gold, Organic Essential Oils, Natural Preservative System, Grander Energised Water, Micro Vita Love
The “Natural Polysaccharide Gel” is aloe vera, of course. The “Organic Essentials Oils” function as both a natural preservative and a small addition of natural fragrance. The product’s “Natural Preservative System” is actually a blend of herbs known to inhibit bacterial growth. But the most unique ingredient in the formulation is Colloidal Gold.
In this YouTube video by Nahaia Russ, the inventor of the formulations, she explains that colloidal gold helps enhance the skin’s absorption of other nutrients. I found this intriguing because in my atomic spectrometry laboratory, I always spike the sample dilution liquid with a 200 ppb colloidal gold solution. This trick was actually taught to me by a high-level chemist who said something similar to, “The gold helps keep the other elements in suspension by binding them with the gold.”
To discover that NAHAIA is using gold in their high-end skin product formulations for essentially the same reason is fascinating to me because it demonstrates a deep knowledge of ingredient interaction that you typically don’t encounter in the skin care industry.
Here’s the NAHAIA video:
Very clean, high-end skin care formulations
As I looked further into the NAHAIA formulations, I acquired their full line of products and ran them through the heavy metals analysis instrumentation in my lab (Agilent ICP-MS 7700X). The results were phenomenal: extremely low (near zero) concentrations of toxic heavy metals. This is important because I’ve seen reports of as much as 50,000 parts per million (yes, million, not billion) of mercury in skin whitening creams. There’s also lead in a lot of low-end lipstick products, and it’s not unusual to find mercury in mascara.
As you well know, I won’t publicize, promote or distribute a product unless it passes my laboratory testing first. The “NAHAIA Active Organics” line was so clean and so expertly formulated that I decided to carry the entire product line at the Natural News Store.
The place to start with this exceptional line of products is with the Pink Anti-Aging Starter Pack.
It gives you 15ml of each of three products in a convenient pack:
Because these products don’t use toxic chemical preservatives, they have a limited shelf life. The starter kit / travel packs we carry right now expire in July of 2016.
Explore the full line of NAHAIA Active Organics
The Full NAHAI product line is found at this link, and it includes very high-end solutions such as the Intensive-C Nutrient Moisturiser (all the product names have a New Zealand spelling), Bright Eyes Flash Tightening Serum and Grape Cleanse & Foaming Anti-Oxidant Cleanser.
Everyone who reads Natural News, of course, already knows to avoid the toxic personal care products sold at Target, Wal-Mart and department stores. On the high-end side of things, there are many high-quality brands to choose from. But even those sold at natural-oriented retail stores like Whole Foods can vary widely in their formulations and purity, and some of the natural-sounding brands have actually been bought out by big corporations (such as Burt’s Bees).
There’s also the Amazon.com problem of widespread product counterfeiting where you think you’re buying a reputable product on Amazon, but it’s actually some cheap filler sold under a counterfeit label. (Amazon also doesn’t test anything it sells for heavy metals.)
So when it comes to personal care products, I strongly encourage you to do your homework and choose carefully. After all, these are products that you absorb into your body! Many things you put on your skin go right into your tissues and bloodstream. That’s why personal care products can either NOURISH your body, or POISON it, depending on what you choose
Source: Natural News