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Rabbi Mark Sameth God Transgender

NY Rabbi Argues For ‘Transgender’ God

Claims God was understood by early worshipers “to be a dual-gendered deity”

by Joseph Pelletier

PLEASANTVILLE, NEW YORK (ChurchMilitant.com) – A New York rabbi is claiming God is transgender.

In an op-ed published Friday in the New York Times, Rabbi Mark Sameth of the Pleasantville Community Synagogue maintains the Hebrew Bible’s “highly elastic” view of gender leaves open the possibility that God Himself is transgender. Citing various examples of pronoun usage found in several passages in Genesis, the rabbi comes to the conclusion that, “counter to everything we grew up believing, the God of Israel — the God of the three monotheistic, Abrahamic religions to which fully half the people on the planet today belong — was understood by its [sic] earliest worshippers to be a dual-gendered deity.”

“Why would the Bible do this?” the rabbi asks, referencing passages in Isaiah in which the future kings of Israel are foretold to be “nursing kings.” Dismissing the possibility of “typos,” Rabbi Sameth maintains “well expressed gender fluidity was the mark of a civilized person” in ancient times, and such people were deemed as being “more ‘godlike.'”

“The Israelites took the transgender trope from their surrounding cultures and wove it into their own sacred scripture,” he continues, going on to declare the four-letter Hebrew name for God, abbreviated as YHWH and most often spoken as “Yahweh,” is best translated as “He/She.” This is how the Israelite priests would have read the letters, he asserts.

Sameth makes the claim, despite the fact that scholars have noted that among the more than 6,000 times the name YHWH occurs, the name appears only as masculine.

“I’m a rabbi,” Sameth explains, “and so I’m particularly saddened whenever religious arguments are brought in to defend social prejudices — as they often are in the discussion about transgender rights.”

The truth of gender identity, the rabbi claims, is today confirmed by scientific research. This “truth,” however, was realized thousands of years ago.