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Obama is not alone

by Ronald Nelson


All Marxist ideologues believe that they can furlough reality. Their ideology supplants reality and history is something to be rewritten to justify and support their point of view. Hence there warped view of the world and the facts… 
It is the Marxist that believe truth is merely an illusion and that PERCEPTION trumps truth… so they tell a lie and keep telling it until others PERCIEVE it to be true. Of course, such dribble leads to massive failure and once exposed the failure is painted as a success… the Marxist don’t fail they simply redefine what success is and go on, and on and on… until the people rise up out of total disgust and exhaustion to throw them out of power.
(Breitbart) – On the day the Obamacare insurance exchanges opened with glitches galore, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin blistered and ridiculed President Barack Obama’s distortions in his Tuesday Rose Garden address to hail his own healthcare law.
“I don’t believe America has ever seen such a thing,” Palin said of Obama’s speech in which Obama compared Obamacare to the iPhone.