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Obamanet? Are Obama’s new internet rules the end of the Free and Open Internet?

by Robert Richardson


This week the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is scheduled to vote on the most significant Internet regulations ever. In spite of the wide-reaching effects of these new regulations, the American public has no say in what happens; instead, a bunch of government bureaucrats at the FCC will decide the future of the internet.
What’s in these new Internet Regulations?
Well, nobody actually knows; the FCC is refusing to release the 332-page Internet regulation plan to the public, and the Obama administration is refusing to tell the public why they were so instrumental in crafting these new regulations. Apparently they don’t believe we have the right to see what’s in the plan before its passes.
What we do know, based on statements from Republican FCC Commission member Ajit Pai, is these new regulations have been heavily influenced by the Obama administration, and they will regulate Internet service providers as public utilities. Once that happens the FCC has the power to regulate everything on the internet.
While the White House is selling these regulations as “net neutrality,” in an attempt to make the American public believe they are somehow saving the internet, let me remind people that the internet doesn’t need saving; it’s alive and well. The truth is these regulations have nothing to do with “saving the internet.” These regulations are an attempt to control the internet.
It is About Controlling the Internet and Free Speech
Once again the Obama administration has placed itself above the law. How anyone can apply regulations written in The Telecommunications Act of 1934, regulations which were meant to control the phone companies, to the internet of 2015 defies logic.
Because these new regulations will place the internet under the same Title II regulations which require broadcast television and radio stations to be licensed by the FCC, anyone who owns or operates a website could be required to get a license to operate that website.

In a joint column written for Politico, Federal Communications Commission member Ajit Pai and Federal Election Commission member Lee Goodman, who have full knowledge of what’s in the 332-page plan wrote:

“These Internet regulations will deter broadband deployment, depress network investment and slow broadband speeds.” … “The purpose is control for control’s sake. Digital dysfunction must be conjured into being to justify a public-sector power grab. Aside from being a bad deal for everyone who relies on the Internet, this Beltway-centric plan also distracts the FCC from what it should be focusing on: increasing broadband competition and giving consumers better broadband choices.”

“While the FCC is inserting government bureaucracy into all aspects of Internet access, the FEC is debating whether to regulate Internet content, specifically political speech posted for free online.”

Former FCC Chairman Michael Powell told CNBC today:

“The order goes far beyond protecting net neutrality which was the original purpose and in fact introduces a new regulatory regime for the Internet.” .. “Watching the president of the United States come on a YouTube video and direct the FCC to adopt a very specific regulatory result, I think … was shocking and put the commission in an untenable position”

Is the internet Broken, or do they just want to Regulate Speech?

The internet isn’t broken; it doesn’t need an Obamacare fix to make it work. This is about nothing more than Control. Control over the internet means being able to control everything we see and hear. Once the FCC gets their hands around it, say goodbye to the open exchange of ideas and thought.