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Our Response To Time Calling For Facebook To Remove Anti-Vaxxer Messaging


Jeffrey Kluger, an Editor at large for Time Magazine, wrote an online article titled Facebook Must Shut Down the Anti-Vaxxers. This written on the heels of Mark Zuckerberg’s declaration that he’s a Pro-Vaxxer. Specifically, he stated, “The science is completely clear: vaccinations work and are important for the health of everyone in our community.”
Before we get into Kluger’s irresponsible article, lets first speak to Zuckerberg’s position in all of this. I’m fine with him. Why? He has the right to his opinion. Whether I agree or disagree is of no real consequence, he’s entitled. Furthermore, his right to his own personal thoughts are only the genesis of a greater issue. He’s also entitled to post a Facebook Status regarding his position, advertise Pro-Vaxxer propaganda, Tweet it and Instagram it. I’m allowed to be irritated by him. I’m allowed to post my irritation of him (which is happening now).
Google and Facebook have changed our culture. The advent of online social connections and online search have created faster paths for messaging than anyone ever could have dreamed of. Zuckerberg, no matter what his personal stance is, has helped Anti-Vaxxers. That’s not slighting him due to his position, that’s just the facts of the matter. Facebook is a behemoth online presence that allows anyone with a message worth reading or hearing to be passed along and debated critically. The Anti-Vaxx message is out in large part to social media. The science of both Pro-Vaxx and Anti-Vaxx is contested due to Google’s search depository of conflicting science. The core issue is that we have that freedom. The worst thing in the world would be to lose that freedom.
Enter Jeffrey Kluger.
Here’s a passage.
But Zuckerberg dropped something of a small bombshell with his most recent—and most excellent—choice, On Immunity by Eula Biss. It’s a thoughtful exploration of what’s behind the irrational fear and suspicion in the anti-vaccine community, as well as a full-throated call for parents to heed medical wisdom and get their kids vaccinated. “The science is completely clear,”Zuckerberg writes, “vaccinations work and are important for the health of everyone in our community.”
So kudos to Zuckerberg for getting the truth out and challenging the lies.
And shame on Zuckerberg for enabling those lies, too.
The incredible contradiction by Kluger is disturbing when you consider he is an employed, full-time writer for a verifiable and successful publication. In what world would any writer / journalist move to essentially shut down messaging and free speech? Writers and journalist wouldn’t even exist without free speech, unless Kluger is hopeful of being a Government appointed propaganda writer. It takes incredible gall, communist desires and extreme cult of personality syndrome to even consider this as an option.