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Pelosi: Only People of Courage Take On The US Intelligence Community

From: Libertarian News

by Michael  Suede


In a statement about Diane Feinstein accusing the CIA of spying on their oversight committee, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., had this to say. “I tell you, you take on the intelligence community, you’re a person of courage, and she does not do that lightly…”

Isn’t that a rather odd statement for her to make?  Courage implies facing down fear.  It implies that Feinstein should be worried about something.  I’d like to ask Pelosi exactly what Feinstein should be worried about.
I think the intelligence community went wayyyy off the reservation a long long time ago and they have never been put back in their cage.  These guys have been assassinatingcorrupting,running drugsinstigating wars and spying on everyone since the very first day they were created by Truman.
If Feinstein is for real, and not just putting on some kind of stage show (which I suspect she is), then she probably should be worried.  Worried that they will dig up dirt on her or her family and pass it off to the press at least.
I wonder if Pelosi feels the same way about Snowden. Indeed, it does take courage to take on the US intelligence community.  They have a track record of destruction and mayhem that puts some most hardened dictators to shame.
If you’ve never listened to John Perkins‘ story before, you should definitely take some time to listen to his tale.  Perkins worked for a private engineering consultancy that was tied into the intelligence community.  These guys would basically get third world countries to take out huge loans to fund unnecessary engineering projects for the benefit of US corporate interests.  You can read more about it in his book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman.