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Police State: Florida Police Bra Shake Out Found To Be Routine

From: The Free Patriot


Zoe Brugger was simply giving her boyfriend a ride home from work. She had a broken headlight, and was pulled over by Lakeland Florida police.  What should have been a routine “fix-it” ticket turned into a roadside nightmare. I guess Lakeland Police decided they were going see one set of high beams one way  or another from Ms Brugger.  To add insult to injury,  an FBI investigation investigation concluded that the Officer’s actions were appropriate.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation now seems to be the Female Body Inspectors. The findings of the FBI are as insulting and as outrageous as the original incident.

State Attorney Jerry Hill who called the incident at the time “illegal” and “inappropriate.” The State Attorney said there was no way the search was appropriate.

Officer Dustin Fetz was issued a one day suspension and was being ordered to attend retraining. It was originally reported that the suspension was for the search.  The FBI was requested to investigate the matter further.  However, the UK Mail’s investigation revealed that Fetz’s  suspension was not for the search, but for not recording the incident. He was technically suspended not for making Miss Brugger shake out her bra, but instead for not using his microphone to record audio during the traffic stop – or for several previous stops he made, according to the Lakeland Ledger.

This is outrageous. First having to shake out one’s bra because the officer doesn’t believe its contents are part of your body, then the public shake-out on the side of the road, and then to be given deceptive information on the disciplinary action of the officer on the incident, and then have the FBI rule that this whole incident was legal?

Lakeland Police Chief Womack stated that Lakeland’s policies would be changed as a result of the incident. However, Womack’s words were just as insulting as the original search:

In a nutshell, they said there were no civil rights or color of law violations. I don’t believe we’ll have any further issues in this manner with this officer. ”This is not to say that clothing of any kind will never be manipulated, but it will only be done by a same gendered officer and will only be done for articulable reasons

Brugger is understandably insulted by the investigation’s outcome. It is counter to what the States Attorney had concluded. Brugger stated.
“It seemed like they really trivialized what happened, seemed like just a little slap on the wrist. I was terrorized and bullied by an officer who was supposed to be there to protect me.”
Brugger  plans to file a civil lawsuit against the Lakeland Police Department.
Zoe Brugger  had simply picked up her boyfriend from work on the night of May 21, 2013.  Apparently, Officer Dustin Fetz believed that the two were hiding drugs in the car. Somehow, having a broken headlight equates to drug possession. Fetz asked Brugger to step out of the vehicle.  Then she was ordered to shake out her bra–twice.

I guess Fetz didn’t think what was there was real, or figured he’d get a chance to see a set of high beams one way or another.

The incident was caught on dash cam video. The video shows that the only thing Brugger had in bra was her bosoms. There were no illegal drugs in the vehicle either.

The 4th Amendment states
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Brugger told ABC News

 He  made me go through the whole humiliating ordeal with shaking my bra out, right there in the middle of this parking lot on Beacon Road.

It seems pretty clear that Zoe Brugger did not feel secure in her person or affects. I wonder where all the women’s rights groups are on this matter? They seem strangely silent on this issue.

Lakeland City Manager Doug Thomas released the following statement back in May after the incident was first reported.

 As City Manager, I too am deeply concerned with number and scope of the various recent alleged incidents of wrongdoing by a number of Lakeland Police Department Officers that have been reported by media outlets.  I want to assure our residents that the dedicated men and women of the Lakeland Police Department respect the trust the community has bestowed upon them to ensure that Lakeland remains a safe community. The Citizens of Lakeland can rest assured that they have a dedicated Police Department that strives to deliver exceptional services in the area of public safety.  There are over 200 sworn personnel that go to work every day to ensure that Lakeland residents and our streets are safe.  We have award winning SWAT and K9 units and most recently, the Department successfully went through the CALEA accreditation review process with very positive results.  CALEA is a recognized standard for law enforcement agencies that strive to deploy best management practices and we look forward to attaining their accreditation later this summer.   There clearly have been several alleged highly irregular incidents involving LPD officers, but it is unfair to judge an entire department based on these isolated actions.  The City of Lakeland’s Police Department has a thorough process for investigating complaints and misconduct and I have confidence in Chief Womack and the LPD administration to fully investigate the various internal investigations that are underway in a manner consistent with all applicable policies, procedures and State
The FBI’s report was as result of this internal investigation referenced in the press release above.