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Bills to pay on $10 an hour

Real Life on $10 An Hour

$10 an hour, 400 weekly, 4 weeks a month is $1600.

by David Cook

Let us now divide it:

  • Beef is $4 a lb. A 1/4 lb serving is $1. Daily per person a serving is $1. For the challenged that is 4 oz for a dollar. If there are only 2 people in a household (single parent of one) this is $2. Monthly, so far on a minimal consumption, $60.
  • Rent for a 2 bedroom apt in a semi-safe environment $500. We are now at $560.
  • $150 power bill (minimal heat and air in a 40 year old apt ). NOW we are at $710 monthly.
  • Let us now assume that a phone with actual 911 service is $50 ($760).
  • No internet yet ($50 =$810).
  • Insurance for a car on liability only $60 a month ($870). Wow!!! We are doing well this month. We have $730 to go!!
  • Crap!!! No clothes!!! We can get by on one pair of jeans this month ($50=$920).
  • Did we use our gas heat and water heater? Yes? $100! ($1020) Whew! Still $580 to go!
  • Renters insurance in case our plumbing leaks ($50 =$1070) and all is well!
  • Gas for the car if I travel only 50 miles a day at a very conservative 25 MPG is 2 gallons times a current $1.50 is $3 a day or $90 a month for a runner of $1160 ( in our area it is cheaper to commute than pay city priced rent). $440 to go.
  • All is well! However, we have only had 1/4 lb of beef a day. Tasty but not balanced. 1 dozen eggs a week (we will sacrifice for 1 a day each and skip Sunday) $2.50 a dozen. $10 a month leaves $430. Great! We have had 1 egg and a 1/4 lb Burger a day.
  • USDA is unhappy and social services irked as no fiber, carbs, vitamins, etc so the grocery store gets another $100 a week leaving a balance of $30.
  • Guess what!!!!!! We have not drank water, flushed the toilet, sent out the trash, done laundry or mailed the bills yet.

crushed by debtRemember this when you vote! Each politician you vote for makes well beyond $10 an hour and minimum wage is less than $8 an hour!