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Religion: Harvest Crusade’s Invite to ‘Crossover’ Band Who Dressed Like Women Questioned

From: Christian News


PHILADELPHIA – Questions are being raised over the decision by Greg Laurie’s Harvest Crusade to invite a band whose members dressed as women for Halloween to perform at their city-wide evangelistic event this past weekend.
NEEDTOBREATHE is a multiple Dove Award-winning band from South Carolina, and is comprised of brothers Bear and Bo Rinehart, who grew up in the church as preacher’s kids. While initially overtly Christian, the group now considers themselves a crossover band, meaning that they sing for both the Church and the secular world, keeping their lyrics non-religious for the most part.
Signed to Atlantic and Sparrow Records, NEEDTOBREATHE released their first album, Daylight, in 2006, to critical acclaim. Their song “Signature of Divine (Yahweh),” from their second album, The Heat, was nominated for “Rock/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year” in 2008, and the following year, they took home the award for ”Rock/Contemporary Song of the Year” for “Washed by the Water,” a song about baptism.
NEEDTOBREATHE’s third album, The Outsiders, released in 2009, featured a song entitled “Girl Named Tennessee,” a secular tune that speaks of falling in love with a girl on the dance floor.
“Lights came down and the room spun slow/Started saying she had to go/Don’t go baby, I didn’t get your name,’” the song rings out in a gritty Southern style. “I was blind as I could be/Thinking love was not for me/Till the night I met that girl named Tennessee.”
Last year, NEEDTOBREATHE appeared on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on Halloween night. The taped broadcast featured the band performing the song “Girl From Tennessee”–but all dressed as women. The men decided to dress as some of the most popular female musicians from Tennessee: Taylor Swift, Dolly Parton, Tina Turner, Reba McEntire and Minnie Pearl.
“They have embraced the Halloween spirit by dressing as some of their favorite gals from the volunteer state,” Conan announced, introducing the group.

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