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Russian Government Counters Protests with Propaganda

From: TIH

By: The Intel Hub
February 4, 2012
MOSCOW — Today the Russian Government is holding a massive rally for President Vladimir V. Putin, pumping out propaganda to the Russian people, claiming that continued protests will lead to more revolution and breakup of the country.
Bone chilling (cold) weather in moscow on Saturday did not stop Russian citizens from protesting their president Putin as he runs for a 6th term and is disliked by many.
An excerpt from a New York Times article reads;
By the end of the frigid day, it appeared that the antigovernment protests had not lost momentum and could continue into the spring, posing an unexpected challenge to Mr. Putin, who has never faced sustained opposition.
“It’s clear nothing will change, but at least we can demonstrate — six months ago nobody could have imagined it in Moscow,” said Marina V. Segupova, 28, an interior decorator, who was wearing ski pants and a scarf encrusted white from her frozen breath. “We want the military and the police to come over to our side. We will show our good will, we will show that we’re kind.”
“It’s clear that there will be no change now,” she said. “But we are a snowball, and we are rolling.”
 Authorities admitted that the protestors numbered over 36,000.