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Science scare tactics

By: Vulture (cross-posted from The Vulture Lurks)
February 2, 2011

I for one am sick and tired of science and its over-hyped, overblown, overly dramatic “findings”. At the heart of each of those “findings” is the need for a “solution” that will require massive amounts of funding for more “science” or bigger government.

Here’s a recent sampling.

World is ‘one poor harvest’ from chaos, new book warns
Summary: overpopulation and global warming are going to wipe us out if we don’t do something. “Something” isn’t defined exactly, but more science funding is the implied “solution”.

If Quakes Weren’t Enough, Enter the ‘Superstorm’
Summary: a superstorm could hit California, dumping up to 10 feet of rain on the state in a short span of time. This would result in the Sacramento valley becoming an inland sea. Considering that this “study” was funded by FEMA and CEMA, I’ll leave it to you to figure out if there was any ulterior agenda in the “findings”.

Smoking Damages DNA Within Minutes, Research Shows
Summary: Okay, setting aside the utter absurdity of the premise, that you’re doing life-threatening damage to your body the instant you smoke your first cigarette, the study aims to scare smokers and those who might consider starting to smoke by claiming that your DNA is damaged and your risk of short-term cancers increased within minutes of your first puff. Chemicals called PAHs are to blame. Obviously, more money must be spent in researching these all-powerful and lethal carcinogens.

Is it any wonder that no one outside of the collectivists who wish to herd us all together into sheeplehood believes in AGW any more? All of science’s “solutions” involve increased taxation and more power to the almighty Staat. Science is coming dangerously close to losing its credibility.

Hmm. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing.