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Sports: Cowboys Stand Toe To Toe With Broncos

by Scott Ledbetter


This was the game that I have been waiting un-patiently for years.  It was the game that tested the Cowboys and showed who they really are.  It was the game where the Cowboys actually showed up and not one that they turned belly up and just found some way to slink into obscurity.  The previous Cowboy teams have done that.  So I will say confidently that they have turned the corner and are finally headed in the right direction despite Jerry Jones’ bad decisions.
I am one who is notoriously harsh on Tony Romo.  And I know that so many people will trash him for the one bad throw he made all night.  But I will not, because I know that we would not have been in that position if it weren’t for Romo.  He performed better than Peyton Manning.  Now many of you will think that I have lost my mind for saying that, but Manning was just his normal self and in fact, with that interception, played much under his normal self.
With the way that the Patriots played today, I believe now that Peyton’s toughest challenge will be Kansas City.  Although the Chiefs are undefeated, they are not able to put up the points that Dallas or Denver can.  So I am beginning to think that Peyton and Denver may go undefeated.
That is why Dallas’ performance today leaves me so ecstatic.  You see, especially after their performance against the San Diego Chargers, or rather their lack of performance, I fully expected Pyeton and Denver to just destroy the Cowboys secondary and Romo and company to be flustered even worst by the Bronco defense.  I will say that I feel that the problems with the large amount of passing yards being given up by the Cowboys is because Monte Kiffin is forcing cover corners to play a scheme that is not what they are best at.  A good Coach will adapt his scheme to the strengths of his players.  Dallas’ D has been shredded because Kiffin is not able to adapt his scheme to these players.  Some say he is a great guru of defense, but both at Tennessee and USC, he flunked.  Tell me, of which of those teams did he lead to a national championship?  In fact, he was the defensive coordinator of a USC team that was ranked number one in preseason polls last year.  How did that turn out?
No, I give credit to Dallas and Romo.  No other team has been able to do to Denver what they did.  As for that, I hope that I can see a repeat of this in the Super Bowl this year.  Every game will be better for the offense, and if Kiffin can learn some new tricks (can you teach an old dog new tricks?), then the Boys will be in the playoffs.  Then, if there is a true growth and maturity in this team, they can go deep in the playoffs if not all the way to the Super Bowl.  If not the Cowboys, a Broncos-Saints match up would be exciting as well.