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Dr Jill Stein and Ajamu Baraka Green Party

In First 100 Days, Jill Stein Would Cancel Student Debt, End Middle East Wars

‘This campaign has been like an absolute whirlwind that has just taken off with a power of its own,’ Stein said of her campaign’s increased visibility.

by Kit O’Connell

HOUSTON, TEXAS (MintPress News) – Dr. Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate, has ambitious plans for her first 100 days in office.

“First thing we do is cancel student debt, working with the Fed,” Stein told MintPress News in an exclusive interview. “We will be fighting for that from day one.”

Stein would also immediately begin to implement her “Green New Deal” to redirect resources from the military-industrial complex into an economy based on renewable energy. She hopes her plan would put a stop to America’s endless energy wars.

“As the commander-in-chief, the president can also start a peace offensive in the Middle East to end these catastrophic wars for oil that are only making us more endangered rather than more safe.”

She also plans to end the war on cannabis:

“The president has the authority to instruct the DEA, the Drug Enforcement Agency, to use science, and that means marijuana and hemp come off the list of scheduled substances. Then we pardon all nonviolent drug offenders who shouldn’t be incarcerated in the first place.”

Although President Barack Obama has already begun to pardon some nonviolent drug offenders, the majority of drug offenders are in state prisons, and possibly out of reach for the president.

Legging Army

“We can create an America, and a world, that works for all of us,” Stein said.

‘Take back the promise of democracy’

Dr. Jill Stein and scholar Ajamu Baraka, the Green Party’s nominees for president and vice president, respectively, face an uphill battle to the White House, but they believe their campaign can transform American politics regardless of the outcome of the November elections.