Donald Trump

Black and Brown Transgender Lives Matter

Trump Administration Rewriting Transgender Mandate

Justice Department officials plan to issue new guidance on protections for transgender students that will effectively reverse Obama-era recommendations and ensure those issues are decided at the state level going forward. by Gabby Morrongiello (Examiner)…

Benjamin Netanyahu

Netanyahu Meets Trump in Washington

When US and Israeli leaders meet, nothing beneficial for Palestinians follows, their fundamental rights paid lip service to alone. Expect nothing different this time, Trump perhaps shaping up to be the most one-sided pro-Israeli US…


Duesenberg in a Barn

President Trump’s first 100 days in office will quickly and radically change the world in ways you haven’t anticipated and haven’t prepared for. Many will wind up broke—but this short window could be your chance…

Putin Olympic Host caricature

Putin Announces Ceasefire in Syria

Designated terrorist groups are excluded. Combating them continues until Syria is free from their scourge. On December 29, Vladimir Putin said “(r)eports have just arrived that several hours ago there was a development that we…

Stop violence

Violence Is Because Some Do Not Have A Voice

Dehumanizing people all because they do not look like you, or worship the same God as you, attend the same denomination as you, dress like you, come from a different place than you, love or…

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