Guradian Ukrain Donbass Fake News

London Guardian Fake News on Ukraine

London’s Guardian reported things backwards, blaming Donbass victims for aggression committed against them, along with calling Russia “newly emboldened by the election of Donald Trump…” In late January, Ukrainian military forces escalated naked aggression on…

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The Plague Is Very Hot

by arclein 11-1-2014 With ample scare mongering going on with the Ebola threat, this item is timely. It provides a detailed eye witness report on the day to day in the middle of a plague…

UBS Libor

Libor Case Ensnares More Banks

LONDON, ENGLAND WSJ —Employees of some of the world’s largest financial institutions conspired with a former bank trader to rig benchmark interest rates, British prosecutors alleged Thursday, a sign authorities have their sights on an array…

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London university probes ‘Nazi’ drinking game assault

From: The Raw Story  by Agence France-Presse 1-16-2012 Drinkers reportedly hurled anti-Semitic abuse at a 21-year-old student at the London School of Economic (AFP/File, HOANG DINH NAM) The prestigious London School of Economics was on Monday…

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