Richard Nixon

Donald Trump Imperial Presidency

End the Imperial Presidency

Much has been made of Trump’s manifest authoritarian tendencies: that he sees politics only in terms of domination, his habit of praising extrajudicial violence, and his proclivity for breaking norms. Yet Trump’s authoritarian tendencies would…

John Mclaughlin

Legendary Talk Show Host John McLaughlin Dead At 89

Television host John McLaughlin, who every week for more than three decades headed a boisterous public affairs show, died Tuesday morning, the program’s staff said. by Jon Schuppe (NBC News) – McLaughlin, a former Catholic…

Lyndon Johnson Paul Ryan Republican Will Not Seek Presidency GOP

The GOP’s 1968 Summer of Discontent

The battle for the soul and the direction of a party that leads to those in charge controlling the outcome from behind the scenes and disenfranchising the majority of the voters in their primary and…

War on Drugs

The Big Lie in the War On Drugs

This completely alters the purported moral imperative behind the war on drugs. In fact it was a deliberate effort to create the environment to suppress political enemies and I do not even think it was…

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