Smart Grid Technology

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The Skeptic’s Guide to Smart Meter Technology

by Emma Bailey 2-16-2015 With the progression of technology comes with the promise of efficiency at increasingly lower costs. In respect to energy consumption, “smart meters”…

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Is Your Smart Meter Spying On You?

From: Washington’s Blog 6-25-2013 Preface: The original intent of smart meters may been good … conserve energy by setting up a “smart grid” to maximize the…

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Denial is not an option

From: Citizens Action Network by William Thomas 4-28-2013 Curtis Bennett isn’t everyone’s cup of unsweetened tea. In his unstinting quest to corral unhealthy and illegal frequencies,…

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More on Dubuque, The Smart City

From: Smart Cities Blog December 28, 2011 (More information on the hype of “Smart Cities” to solve all of our problems of sustainability. Hmmmmm…… let’s…

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