White House

Steve Bannon

Bannon Is ‘Going Nuclear’

Friends say the ousted White House chief strategist has a range of ways to make mischief—from returning to Breitbart, to helming an outside group, to leaking dirt about rivals. by Rosie Gray (The Atlantic) –…

Transgender military ban

Transgender Service Members Sue Over Trump Bban

The service members, who are not named, all say they have relied on the Defense Department’s current policy permitting open service by transgender service members and argue Trump’s ban, which may result in early termination…

Immigration Activists

When Immigration and Affirmative Action Collide

Mass immigration and widespread affirmative action are deeply in tension, and ultimately set to destroy one another. by Jason Willick (The American Interest) – In the past week, the Trump administration threw its weight behind…

John Locke Trump Clinton

John Locke Is Needed Now More than Ever

The fundamental problem that we face today is the desire by religious fanatics to impose their doctrines on all others. This has come about in two ways. The first by financially empowering the political aspect…

TPP Trans Pacific Partnership Sydney Trade in Services Agreement TiSA

TiSA” Big Brother and Big Business Together

But by far the most sweeping deal that’s being negotiated in secret and largely overlooked by activists is the Trade in Services Agreement, also known as TiSA. TiSA will undermine citizens’ privacy and governments’ sovereignty,…

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