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Threats to Refugess

Threats to Refugees Statement Explained

by YOJ Staff

Michael Hope explains what many understood to be threats to refugees.

Last week we ran an article about a local refugee assistance charity that had to close their meetings due to threats of violence. Since that time, an admin of the group where some of the observed threats were made distanced himself from the violent threats. The policy of leaving as many posts of any opinion up was brought up, and Tom Martz made the following example of the groups actual feelings on the situation.

Denial of Locke & Smith Foundations approval of what Michael Hope said from one of the members of their Board of Directors.

So in curiosity as to what drove Michael Hope to make these threats uncharacteristic for the group he was in, we contacted him for further clarification on what he meant. Here are some of the things he had to say:

What was your intention when you suggested meeting up at the event and then followed it by asking about knives?
Michael Hope
I was intending to be prepared in the case of terrorist attack to defend and protect your family and other citizens, and in the way terrist or ISIS kills others for a statement, with a knife. They have also moved to bombs & planes now. I am going to comment on L& S now on what you asked.
Michael Hope
I am on a short lunch, I will be going nearly 24 hours when I am done today between work, church, and work again.
But how would you know whether or not any of the refugees were members of the Islamic State? Some of them could have been Christian? How would that have mattered?
Michael Hope
No way to tell, no data system in those countries. And so you have to resort to wisdom.

Get knives meet up with refugees
The original comments by Michael Hope, understood by many to be threats to refugees.

This is a common misunderstanding. The American Government has a very long and detailed process for deciding if it is safe to relocate Syrian refugees here. Biometric and Biographical information is gathered over a period that can last 2 years, and once they finish that rigorous vetting process, they are paired with agencies that can watch them at their new location. If a terrorist wanted to come into this country under the radar, the refugee relocation process would be the last route they would choose.

So all refugees, even Christian refugees are to be met with resistance because they might pose a threat?
Michael Hope
Ok , if I gave you a hand full of M&M’s and told you two of them were poison, would you still eat them?
Ok, if I told you that 11 out of 1000 people living around you would commit a violent crime, would you move away to protect your family?
Michael Hope
The crimes Americans do, no. The bombs and killing for now reason, yes.
What about the man who killed 16 just today in New Orleans? How about the OKC Bombing? The Columbine and Aurora Shootings? How is rape and murder by Americans is perfectly alright for you?
Since 9/11, of the 784,000 Refugees that have been brought into the USA, 3 have been charged with any kind of terroristic crime. That is better odds than living in Springfield and being the victim of a violent crime such as rape or murder. In fact, you are more likely to be killed by a policeman than by a refugee. How should we react then to the police?
Michael Hope
Because those can be nipped & plucked. They are not ok, but can be controlled without futher harm. Terrorist attack can’t be undone after it gets started. They won’t quiet until their mission is done, which is never.
How many times in the last 50 years have we brought a complete stop to crime in this country? How many people have died just because of the war on drugs? If we are more likely to die from police killing us than a refugee living in this country, how can we control the police? How do we stop them killing people?
What do you say to the victim of rape here in the United States? Blame the refugees? Once an attack happens, you can not take it back or stop it. Arrest one, and another steps up to take their place. These are Americans I am referring to, not refugees. These refugees are looking to escape rape and murder. How is accusing them of being terrorists any better than telling a rape victim here in the US that they got what they deserved?
Michael Hope
Apples to Oranges friend. I got to go to Aleppo, I will work again in 8 hours.

I would like to point out that rape can’t be undone either. We suffered our fifth rape just this semester at Missouri State University. None of us would even think about blaming every student in a dorm including the victims for the crime of the one person, yet some expect us to blame the victims fleeing ISIS for a very small number of terrorists that might be committing crimes.  According to reports, the passport, which was found near the body of an attacker who died during his suicide assault of France’s national soccer stadium, is a fake.  In fact, of the seven attackers who were killed, 4 of them were French Nationals.  The mastermind of the attacks in Paris, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, was from Belgium.  Currently, no link to actually refugees from Syria to the attackers is Paris have been found.

“The Locke and Smith Legislative Review page is not the Locke and Smith Foundation except for the name they share no other similarities.”

YOJ asked Tom Martz, a member of the Locke & Smith Foundation Board of Driectors, to clarify whether or not Hope’s statements, taken by many as threats to refugees, were approved of or disapproved of by the foundation.  Martz said, “Every individual has a right of self defense, however we don’t condone the initiation of force.”  He further said, about the connection between the Facbook group and the foundation, “The Locke and Smith Legislative Review page is not the Locke and Smith Foundation except for the name they share no other similarities. Membership is open to anyone who request to join unless through research I find the individual seeking to join does nothing but spam other groups.”

Martz also said that while many have considered what Hope said to be a “bonehead statement but I defend his right to say it, the consequences of his statement is his own responsibility.”

Late Sunday night, Martz also posted on the Facebook group that the group has no affiliation with The Locke & Smith Foundation.

It appears that this is in need of posting, just so there are NO mistakes on future episodes of as the facebook world turns. This group carries the name of the Locke and Smith Legislative Review but is in no means associated with the group none as The Locke and Smith Foundation. As it is clearly stated on the picture of the group it clearly states PUBLIC GROUP therefore anyone can ask to join and in so long as they aren’t spammers they are welcomed in. Each person in the group is responsible for their own actions and their own statements. Messages to this group are not approved nor do they need to be, we can discuss the issues of the day as adults knowing full well what we say is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the person doing the posting. NO messages will be deleted from this group nor will any member have their posting privileges taken away for exercising their free speech opportunities. The admin of this OPEN GROUP does reserve the right to remove someone who is posting what can be construed as SPAM or any individual who has show by their lack of decorum the inability to be able to discuss the topics and issues of the day without verbally attacking other members of the group.

This is a constitutional group so we firmly believe in freedom of speech, assembly, religion, liberty, and any other application of individual rights.

The Locke and Smith Foundation is a member base driven group that can be contacted via their website at http://lockeandsmith.com. The L&SF has a means by which one can become members you’ll find this information on the webpage. YES there are members of the L&SF on this public group and yes some of the BoD are also on this page as well and yes questions about L&SF can be asked in this PUBLIC GROUP as well, they will be answered to the best of the ability to the person responding however it does not mean the answer is the *official* position of the board of directors of the organization even if the question was answered by a board member.

If you desire a response from the BoD a contact us link is provided on the website please use it and an appropriate response will be returned to you.

Once again at NO POINT in any response or comment is the poster of said comment speaking on behalf of The Locke and Smith Foundation.

The L&SF is NOT a political organization nor does this OPEN GROUP have a political affiliation with any political party.


Michael Hope was not the only one to say things that people understood to be threats to refugees.  Others from Facebook made similar statements that others took as terroristic threats to refugees.

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