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The Trumpillary War Machine Is Bad News

War is very profitable for some. Mostly people at the top, the connected cronies. War is however hell for the innocently bombed and the refugees and the raped and the otherwise victimized in the fog of hell. We should never forget that. War is a very bad thing. Perhaps the worst thing humans can engage in. It is many cases if not most cases an immoral thing. And war should always be a last resort for a civilized country

(AgainstCronyCapitalism.org) – If we want to get this country back on track we must reject the permanent warfare state of the last 15 years. And conservatives, one must also always remember that the military is Big Government too. In some respects the biggest and most wasteful.

(From The Ron Paul Institute)

Here are a few of my favorite facts that you will not learn tonight from NBC, Donald Trump, or Hillary Clinton: Nonviolent resistance is more effective than violence and its victories longer lasting. Peaceful spending or even tax cuts for working people is economically superior to military spending. The war on terrorism has increased terrorism, including in the seven nations the United States has bombed this year.

Over half of federal discretionary spending, through multiple departments, is dumped into war preparations each year, about as much as the rest of the world’s nations combined. The US is the top arms dealer to dictatorships abroad, and today’s wars typically have US weapons on both sides.

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