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Why are Republicans surrendering on amnesty?

by Anthony G. Martin


Truckloads of illegal aliens continue to flood the country near Mexico. The Texas Governor says 30,000 have flooded into the state since Jan. 1.  Source: by John Moore/Getty Images
It is a betrayal that rivals anything seen in the history of U.S. politics. During the 2014 midterm elections, Republicans running for Senate and House seats vowed that if given a chance they would stop the lawless assault on our nation from the southern border and force Barack Obama to obey immigration law.
But today word has come from the Senate that the chamber is ready to cry surrender on the issue. One of the reasons for the reticence on the part of Senate Republicans is the false scare tactics being used by Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid and Barack Obama. But rather than retreat in fear the appropriate Republican response is to step up and fight like men, sword to sword, face to face, eyeball to eyeball. Let the fickle, dumbed down crowds of the electorate be damned. Doing the right thing is infinitely more important than appeasing imbeciles.
The fact is that Republicans have a lot going for them on this issue. The vast majority of Americans, in poll after poll, are against amnesty. They want the border tightly secured first. Then, they want a fair system in which everyone plays by the same rules, fair rules. No one gets in front of anyone else in the line. And by no means should the current system that encourages illegal activity be allowed. If a president disobeys written law he should be impeached and removed from office. Obama has routinely ignored the law and allowed illegal aliens to cross the border with no consequences whatsoever. A federal judge has already ruled against the current practice of this administration with regard to immigration. His ruling was in response to a suit brought by 26 states. The very least that Senate and House Republicans can do is to support these states, most of which are Republican friendly, by waiting until a final ruling on the judge’s decision.