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Wisconsin Democrats (and rent a Mobs)Holding Taxpayers And Voters Hostage To Unions

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February 18, 2011
In case you haven’t been paying attention to what is going on in Wisconsin, here are a few of the main issues in the bill proposed by Governor Scott Walker that has Union leaders’ heads about to explode:
•Requires state employees to contribute 5.8% of salaries to their pensions (they only contribute .2% now) and at least 12.6% to their health care premiums (they only contribute 4.6% now).
•Collective bargaining would be ended for Public Employees on all matters, except for wages. However, wages cannot exceed the rate of inflation unless a referendum is approved.
•Unions are required to take annual votes to maintain certification and employers would be prohibited from collecting dues and members would not be required to pay dues.
•Contracts would be limited to one year and wages would be frozen until a new contract is settled.
The unions have already agreed to the increased contributions. What is at issue is the fact that Walker will essentially take away some union power. They will no longer have the power to collectively bargain for anything other than salary and Unions will no longer be allowed to force members to pay dues. If Walker continues to allow collective bargaining, the unions could eventually just bargain their way back to paying the pittance they pay for benefits. The real reason union leaders are truly upset is they will no longer have a guaranteed cash cow to spend on politicking and getting progressives elected or pushing their far left political agenda, which actually hurts Americans as well as their own union members.
Of course, the union leaders would never come out and actually admit this fact. Unions love ‘forced union’ states where employees have no choice but to pay the unions (even if an employee decides they don’t want to be part of the union, they are still forced to pay ‘agency fees’, which are the same as union dues). Walker is basically trying to turn Wisconsin into a ‘Right-to-work’ state, which gives workers more freedom. Right-to-work states also outperform Forced Union states when it comes to the economy of those states.
Union members have been protesting for the past several days.  Teachers across the state have illegally ‘called in sick’ in order to protest,  causing many schools to be cancelled.  The protests, as with any left wing protests, have been nasty and vitriolic – comparing Walker to Hitler and even putting the much ‘whined’ about crosshairs target over Walker.  Organizing for America – Obama’s ‘volunteer’ organization that helped get him elected is in on the protests as well.  Even Obama chimed in and said this bill was an ‘assault on unions’. 
Of course it’s an assault on unions, unions have been assaulting the taxpayers for years now. Unions would rather politicians raise taxes than pay a fair share for the excellent benefits they receive courtesy of the hard working tax payers.
A Senate vote was scheduled for today but funny thing, the Senate Democrats did not show up. That’s right, the Democrats in the Wisconsin Senate refused to do their job and vote on this bill. They are holding the taxpayers and voters of Wisconsin hostage because they are bought and paid for by the unions. There are 19 Senate Republicans and 14 Democrats. A quorum of 20 is needed to proceed with a vote on the bill. All that was needed was for just one of the Marxists to make an appearance and vote no on the bill. Instead, the cowardly Democrats supposedly fled to a different state. Apparently the Senate Democrats in Wisconsin only represent union members in all of their districts and no one else.