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Your Government Money, White and Indian

by David Yeagley
February 16, 2011
The American government in Washington is in contest with the American people, obviously. It is a difficult concept to grasp, but, modern American government operates on the assumption that all tax dollars belong to the government, to do with as it will, as if it is not your money, and never was.
Senator Mike Carrell, R-Lakewood (middle)

and fellow Republican state senators unveil a

series of fraud-fighting proposals.

And, what the government gives you back (or allows you to have), the government tells you what to do with. What the government funds, the government controls. The more the government gives you, the more it controls you.
Here is an example. A new bill in the Colorado House of Representatives will disallow the use of welfare cards at any ATMs at strip clubs, race tracks, casinos, etc. (A Republican state senator of Washington proposed the same ideas last month, in fact. California passed such laws back in July of 2010.)
The government provided “tax money” for supposedly poor people, but now the government says what poor people can spend that money on. (Evidently the debit card idea, designed to streamline the bureaucracy of wellfare didn’t work so well.)
Now, independent-minded conservatives, preaching the concept of personal responsibility and self-reliance, eschew the idea of the government ever telling people what to do with their money. In principle, such an idea is abhorrent to the spirit of self-development. Yet, in the case of clearly wasted welfare, the government feels it has a right to tell recipients how to spend their money. (Surely, the government thinks it has the right to tell everyone how to spend his money, welfare money or not. This is Black Barry’s plan, and pouting wife’s, from the White House.)
Perhaps the government can get by with it more readily when it tells welfare recipients what they can buy, eat, do, and in a sense, think. It isn’t so easily accomplished with people who do receive (or want) any government assistance.
The point is, most hard-working tax payers would not initially object to the government denying the use of welfare debit cards for wasteful entertainment. The judgment as to what is wasteful and what is appropriate is immaterial, initially. The point is, again, using tax payer dollar welfare money–paid by people who work, for anything but necessities, is offensive to the working people. Working people would tend to agree with the government ban on welfare cards being used for wasteful entertainment. But there is a deceptive element of “transvaluation” involved here. Giving the government a green light to control the individual’s life, any individual’s life, in any circumstance, is an open door to ultimate tyranny.
Does the government then have the authority to tell people who can live and who can die, if the people happen to recieve any kind of assistance?
So, what we have is the larger and larger number of people on welfare, and the government more and more telling them what they can do. That is the objective assessment of what’s happening. Indeed, the government is figuring out ways to own more and more of “America,” so that it has more and more power to tell America what to do. This is how the plan works.
Eleanor McDaniel, full-blood Comanche, Desert

Storm veteran, Specialilst 4, US Army. One of the

strongest Comanche women of today, she is making

a “recall” of present Comanche Chairman Michael

Burgess, himself one of the smartest, progressive

businessmen of the Comanche Nation. See:

interview by David Yeagley of ComancheMedia.com.

Interestingly, the Indian nations seem to have more freedom when it comes to spending tribal money than American do spending their own. This may be an illusion, full of variance between individual Indian nations, and in fact, in the Comanche Nation, there is a provision that those who on loans from the tribe will see money taken out of their very small yearly “per capita” payment from our casinos. But, still, overall, BIA money given to the tribes is the responsibility of the tribe to manage, at least in principle.


The relative freedom in Indian nations, however, is not due to a different or better management of “welfare.” Indians to not receive welfare. What Indians receive is what our fathers fought and died for: treaty agreements. Treaty provisions. The US government signed agreements that, if Indians quit killing white people, and stayed together in one small place, the government would take care of them, and their children, as long as the wind blew and the grass grew. We all know the story.
For Indians, the government money honors our warrior fathers, who provided this for us witht their blood.
The problem in Indian country is the fact that tribal leaders spend the money the way they want to, and often the people seriously object, but seem unable to alter the course of their leaders. Yet, again, in the Comanche Nation, there is a constitution provision (Article VIII, Section 2) whereby the people can “recall” and “remove” any leader they wish. It is a painful process, but it happens. It might be called “impeachment.”

Impeachment, of any public official, in any capacity, should probably happen a lot more often in American government, local, state, and federal. Barry “Obama” Soetoro should most definitely be impeached. There is no question about that. It takes very, very brave people to raise up a standard against a president. Barry loves to brag on the restless Arabs and the consistently deceptive Chinese, as though they are the example for America.
So be it. Let American rise up and remove its president. The Comanches can show you how it’s done!
(Of course, I must admit, the Comanches here in Oklahoma that do vote happen to be generally Democrat, and probably most voted for Barry. Democrat voting is tradition for all Indians here in Oklahoma. My mother’s family were all democrat, but my mother became Republican after she married my father. Many of my Comanche cousins have become Republican today. What do I know? I was born Republican.)